$1/1 Rayovac Coupon = Free At Walmart

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If you haven’t printed the $1/1 Rayovac coupon from their Facebook page, you can still do so (and it may have reset for those of you who printed this one a few months back).  You can head to Walmart or Target where the 2-4 count size packages are usually priced around $1 or less — which means FREE batteries!

Update:  I just rec’d an update that the batteries that work with this coupn are actually those priced between $2 – $4 rather than $1 — so make sure that you are using this one on the correct product!


  1. sherry says

    this is a reset!! only, where on earth do i find these $1 packs? i’ve looked everywhere!!

  2. Jenn says

    Tracie, the coupon is for the blue packages of Rayovac batteries – these are not priced at $1. The 2-4 count packages for that price are in the red packages, and they are not alkaline batteries. I’m sure people will try to get the cashiers to push this coupon though, but it’s not the right coupon for those batteries.

  3. Jenn says

    Sherry, in my walmart (KC) there is a big battery display up front – it’s a stand alone thing near the register, with batteries on all four sides. The $1 packs (the red, non-alkaline batteries) are on the corners of this display. Last time Rayovac released this coupon it didn’t specify; this time it does say alkaline only 🙁