$1.25/1 Dirty Jobs Stain Remover + Mess Masters Tornado Video

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Have you ever watched the show Dirty Jobs with host Mike Rowe?  The predicaments he gets himself into sometimes shock me.  But more importantly, I think I am grateful there are people who are willing to do some of these jobs which I know I don’t have the stomach for myself!

Dirty Jobs has launched a line of products which can help you with your own mess.  If you happen to live with your very own Mess Master, you’ll want to check out this video.  Then, make sure you upload the photos of your own messy kids or pets to the Mess Masters Facebook App.  You just might be lucky enough to win one free year of house cleaning from Molly Maid!  (Oh….how I have dreamed of having someone clean my house………)

Once you’ve checked out the video, you will want to also make sure to print this brand new coupon!  You can save $1.25/1 Dirty Jobs Stain Remover product, 36 oz.  Make sure you also share those photos for a chance to win!  We all love to pinch our pennies, so what could be better than FREE housecleaning for a year!?!?