$10.00 Worth of Winsteads For Just $5.00 (KC Area Only)

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I LOVE Winsteads!  This diner still has that same 1950’s feel and the food just really is “comfort food” (at least for me)!  Today, GroupOn is offering $10.00 worth for just $5.00.  You are limited to purchasing 2 of these GroupOns – one for you and one for a gift.  You can also use only one per visit. 

Now – if you are going to get in on this offer, make sure to go through Ebates because for a limited time you will earn 6% cash back on your purchase!   O f course, you can always skip that and go right to GroupOn and select KANSAS CITY from the cities drop down at the top of the page to get this offer.

This could be a great gift idea for your child’s teacher for the holidays.  I mean, doesn’t she have ENOUGH “#1 Teacher” apple decor already?