$10 Money Maker on McAfee Internet Security + Free Shipping

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No matter your budget, you should always be protected when you are working on-line (unless you own a Mac and then you are pretty darn safe).  If you are needing to upgrade your virus protection software, here’s a great deal on McAfee Internet Security.  You can pick this up for $60 right now through NewEgg.com and submit a rebate for $60 and get your money back – making it free!  However, this deal gets even better……

You can actually get $10 off of your $50 purchase right now at NewEgg.com – using the code NEWCUSTOMER10.  That takes your $60 purchase price down to just $50 – but you can still get $60 back via the mail in rebate, thus making you a quick $10!

Then, when you get ready to check out, you will see a link to ShopRunner.   ShopRunner is a great on-line membership which allows you free shipping and returns to various merchants.  The shipping on this product is normally $11 – so you can see how quickly your savings can add up!  If you haven’t tried ShopRunner, you can do so right now for free for 30 days.  

So, to get the ultimate deal, follow these simple steps:

    1. Go to Shop at Home and log in or sign up (this will earn you 1.5% cash back + $5 for new shoppers).
    2. Search for NewEgg and start your shopping trip.
    3. Once at NewEgg, search for item ## N82E16832284047 and add it to your cart.
    4. Proceed to checkout and enter the code NEWCUSTOMER10.
    5. Your final total will be $50!!
    6. Within 5 – 7 business days, you will have another $0.75 in your Shop at Home account.  If this is your first Shop at Home purchase, you will also receive a $5 first purchase reward, making your total rebate $5.75 and dropping the price to just $44.25 – making you more than $15 on your order!

Of course, you can  always by-pass Shop at Home and go right to NewEgg.  In that instance,  just start on step 3 above and place your order.  Either way, you will end up making money in the end!

Thanks, Passion for Savings!


  1. says

    Does the rebate form come with the product itself or is there a link online for the rebate form? I just heard about Newegg for the first time last night!

  2. Kelly says

    I saw this in the fine print on the rebate form:

    “Rebate amount paid to customer for single or combined rebate offers may not exceed the purchase price of the McAfee product.”

    When they see the receipt with 50$ on it I don’t think they’ll pay you 60$.

  3. says

    I was reading on another blog today and they where saying that McAfee is not a good internet secerity system. What are you thoughts on it? All of the comments where saying to get something else.

    • Tracie says

      I think you have to conduct your own research and get the program that works for you. I honestly am not comfortable with giving any opinions as this is certainly not an area where I feel I have any expertise and would feel horrible if I misguided my readers.