10 Personalized Greeting Cards: $6.97 Shipped

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My daughter just had her 6th birthday party last week.  So, it is now time for us to send out thank you notes to her friends who came.  Rather than ME write them all out, I want her to take part.  So, I went to Overnight Prints and created a personalized card with this message on the inside.  So, I can write out all of the gifts and she can copy it onto the space and then sign her own name!

I was able to get 10 greeting cards for free…..and pay shipping of just $6.97.  So, that is $0.70 per card!  You can get all sorts of cards created and just keep them on hand for those “I need a card” moments!  Head over here to create yours.  Just skip the extras and your final price will show $0.00.  The slowest shipping rate is $6.97 and I will say that I’ve always received my cards even sooner than they say the will ship.  However, if you need them quickly, you can always upgrade your shipping (and pay a little more, of course).