$2/1 At a Glance Calendar or Day Runner Planner/ or Calendar

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School is back in session so you might be in the market for a new planner to keep track of your kids’ activities.  You can actually save $2/1 AT-A-GLANCE or Day Runner planner or calendar.  It’s never too late to get yourself organized.

Here’s my helpful tip:  Put a calendar on your refrigerator and keep everyone’s events noted.  That way, every morning you can all see what is going on that day!  What’s your “staying organized” tip?


  1. Jen says

    Not an “every-day” organizer, but still organized!!…..My family LOVES Family Fun magazine and other craft ideas, seasonal recipes, etc. We go through the magazine each month, pull out ideas or fun things to do that we would like to try, and put them in our “To-do” folder. When the kids are bored we can find something new to try. We often refer back to it year after year for B-day party ideas and holidays when we can make yummy treats or crafts for upcoming celebrations.