$3.98 Net Price for Snow White & Santa Buddies

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I posted earlier today about a great deal on Santa Buddies this coming Tuesday at Target. You can read up about that here.

However, here is another option for anyone who is also wanting to grab Snow White as well. This is a deal you can find at Toys R Us.

First of all, you will need these coupons:

Snow White – $5.00/1
Santa Buddies – $10.00/1

$16.99 Snow White
24.99 Santa Buddies Combo Pack
– 8.00 Toys R Us Promo Discount ($8.00 off when you purchase 2 movies)
– 5.00 Snow White coupon
– 10.00 Santa Buddies coupon
$18.98 for two movies

Then, because you purchased $40.00 in movies, you should also earn a $10.00 gift card. So, that nets you $8.98 for two movies.

THEN….submit either rebate I mentioned here and you just dropped your net cost to $3.98 for TWO MOVIES!!!

Thanks in part I Heart Saving Money!

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