3-in-1 USB Cable For Samsung, iPhone 4 and iPhone5 As Low As $6.99 Each Shipped

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This is a really smart idea — a 3-in-1 USB Cable.  You can use this one cable to charge your spouse’s Samsung, your iPad AND your iPhone 5 — all at the same time through just one device!

These are just $4.99 + $3.99 shipping.  However, if you get 2 of them, you will still pay only $3.99 shipping, which can make them as little as $6.99 each shipped.  Even if you don’t need 2 for yourself, you could order and share the cost with a friend!  Or, why not grab 2 and keep one in your office so you can charge your device at work, ensuring you have a full charge before you head home for the day!

Order a 3-in-1 USB Cable.

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