$5 Dinners Holiday Entertaining Guide

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Get your copy of Erin's Holiday Entertaining Guide

Ready or not – the holidays are a comin’!  If you would like a little extra help, you can actually get a great book from Erin Chase ($5 Dinners) — Holiday Entertaining Guide.    This book includes great chapters including:

·         How much should you budget for your holiday meal

·         What things must you include and what can you leave out

·         Tips to outsmart the grocery stores and get the most value for your coupons

·         The perfect plan to have everything cooked using only one oven

·         And how to turn your leftovers into more amazing meals the next day

This book will NOT disappoint!  The book sells for $3.99, but you can actually get it 50% off  ($1.99) right now when you use the code THANKS at checkout.  What a great way to get a jump on the holiday this year!