6 Free Items To Help Motivate Your Children

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Now through March 9th, you can get 6 products to help motivate your children — for FREE!  Vistaprint has just released the following free items:

  • 10 Free Notecards — use these to put fun messages in your kids’ lunchbox (shipping is $4.66)
  • Free Caricature Notepad – put your child’s image and name on them (shipping is $4.54)
  • Free Notebook – personalize this just for your child (shipping is $4.74)
  • Free Sticky Notes – personalize and leave fun messages on your child’s mirror (shipping is $4.56)
  • Free Ink Pen – customize this so your child will fun taking notes and writing letters to grandma (shipping is $4.60)
  • 10 Free Gift Certificates – use these as rewards for a job well done  — for free “get out of dishes” or even “sleepover night” (shipping is $4.67)

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you get your order in before the close of business on March 9th, as the prices will go back up at that time.


  1. tricia says

    I just ordered 5 of the 6 on the same order and the shipping was 6.55 for all 5.Awesome! Also, for whatever reason- the notebook does not show up for free when you order it… so watch for that!