$60 Worth of EcoMom Products For Only $30

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There is a hot Plum Steal back on Plum District right now!  You can pick up $60 worth of Ecomom products for just $30!  This offer is available only to those who have not purchased it in the past.  The quantity of vouchers is also limited, so they could sell out quickly again.  Note that since this is a Plum Steal, you will not be able to use any credits you may have on this purchase. 

Ecomom has lots of great organic and natural products for babies and children.  The one thing I noticed were cloth diapers!  I loved using cloth on my children and know how pricey they can be.  This is a great way to pick some up and save at the same time.

Right now, Ecomom is also offering free shipping plus free samples with every order!  Hurry on over to Plum District and grab this one while you can!