80% Off a 6-in-1 Game Set – Perfect For Holiday Travels!

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Are you planning on traveling for the Holidays? Grab this great deal from Eversave on a  6-in-1 game set  for JUST $10! This could come in very handy when you hear those oh-so-fun-words… I’m bored!! 😉


  1. Elly says

    Penny Picnhin Mum ! I am writing regarding this: I saw it on your FB and I was going to tell you that I noticed on my friend’s pages I was doing that too except the fact that I DID’N KNOW I WAS DOING IT, I have no idea how it happened but not knowingly: I didn’t get the chance to tell you that because I can not post on your wall anymore and I didn’t do anything!!!!!
    “Please DO NOT click on these comments being left about a $500 gift card… they are not true!! I am deleting them left and right and removing the people who post them from this page as well. I do not tolerate this type of behavior on this page.”

    • Tracie says

      Elly – I will unban you…..but i had to do it to get it to stop as there were about 5 of them on my page in one day. I had no idea that it was not manually being done….but if it is out of control, that is the only way to get it to stop.

      You can report this to Facebook to let them know what happened to you ….so that they can look into it.

      • Elly says

        Thx, Tracie: I sent a msg to Facebook and I deleted ALL my aps!!! Hope it’s working. Sorry for the inconvenience.