85% off of Photo Canvases

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Canvas People


If you are looking for a great gift idea for Dad, Grandpa (or just want one for yourself), you will want to check out this deal at Canvas People — where there is still time available to place your order to get it in time for Father’s Day!    They have another limited time offer where you can save 85% off of the purchase of your customized canvas print!  They offer several sizes, and prices, so it will fit just about any budget.

  • 8×10 –  $7.50
  • 11×11 – $10.05
  • 11×14 – $10.20 or $13.20 (depending upon thickness)
  • 9×27 – $12.75
  • 16×16 – $12.30
  • 16×20 – $13.80 or $16.80 (depending upon thickness)
  • 18×24 – $15.45 or $18.45 (depending upon thickness)
  • 20×48 – $21.00

You will also receive a free subscription to Family Fun Magazine with your purchase of $49.99 value.  If you would rather not receive the magazine, you can click the Offer & Refund Details and actually request a refund of $14.95 (which will help cover your shipping costs).

I’ve had several of you order these before and have heard nothing but great comments and feedback.  These really do make an incredible gift!  Head HERE to get started creating yours.