9/11 – We Will Never Forget

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Today is September 11, 2011.  It is a day that none of us will ever forget.  We all remember exactly what we were doing at the moment we heard what was happening.  For most, it was a day that kept you glued to the television, radio and internet trying to learn what was going on.  Here, 10 years later, most of us still can’t wrap our heads around what happened on that day.

We can’t change what happened.  We will never understand.  We will never forget.  What we can do is honor those who lost their lives.  The firefighters, the police officers, the people just like you and me who were going to work like any other normal day.  We can pray for them, their families and friends.  We can remember them and honor them.

How?  Help others.  I watched a story about 2 Port Authority workers who helped to save the lives of more than 70 people.  They didn’t know them at all and in the end, lost therr lives in Tower 1 when it collapsed.    To honor all who gave so much, I think it would be fantastic to pay it forward.  It can be as simple as helping someone by holding open a door, picking up that dollar bill they drop on the floor or even handing over some coupons to help them save on their groceries.  Whatever it is, it can be contagious.  When you help someone, it can make them want to help others and so on and so forth.  It just is a way you can honor the memory of all of those who gave their lives to help so many.

America was changed forever on September 11, 2011.   It affected everyone in America — all in various ways.  Whatever you are doing today, take a moment and say a prayer for the victims (and their family and friends) of September 11, 2011.  I know my family and I certainly will.


  1. says

    AMEN! I heard about it when I was at work. My son was in 1st grade & I worked at his cafeteria. Therefore, I didn’t have access to a TV or radio. We just relied on tidbits from employees that came in later. My heart just sunk & I was in total disbelief at what was happening. That overwhelming feel of usefulness “HIT” & all you can really do is just pray & try to keep doing your job. At the time, we lived in OKC so I could somewhat relate. When the bombing occurred, my husband could have very easily been downtown getting a social security # for our little one. We also felt the impact of the explosion. (I never will forget where I was when that occurred too.) Before we had our son, we discussed how much worse this world was going to get & contemplated whether or not to bring another child into this world. Little did we know just HOW BAD it would get.

    Along your helping others comments, at the end of the month or when I save coupons I know I won’t use, I’ve been sorting them & placing them in the store at the correct departments. I just hope they’re encountered & able to bring savings to others. Also, when in check out lines, if I see a product or comp ad item, I try to find it to give to them. However, I don’t get to do these things as often as I’d like for time is usually a big factor.

  2. Amanda says

    Well, I remember it all too, 17 years old and like the others stuck in a state of shock and heartbreak. I got pregnant a few months later. Then married a few years later to my soalmate,who is now the father to both of my children. We were lucky to find each other so young. I never would have guessed 10 years ago today that I would be married to him w/ our 2 kids and that on this day 9/11/11 we would be spending our first time apart today. We live in the kc metro and he flew out TODAY to Orlando.Needless to say today was very hard and nerve racking. I kept hearing hold your loved ones close and similar things all day everywhere. I shed a lot of tears as well, Out of fear, and in memory of those lost. I miss him so much, we have never been apart this long in the almost 11 years we’ve been together. THAT is how I spent today, but it ended well, thanks to modern technology we just finished a video call on FB. It was good to atleast see and hear him even if we couldn’t touch. I plan on using this time while he’s gone to catch up on my couponing and housework, hopefully it will make the time go by faster.