A Full Cup – Another Money Saving Resource

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(This is a sponsored post paid for by A Full Cup.  Although it is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and were not influenced by any party).

There are plenty of website forums that are out there that can help save you money.  I am sure some of you belong to them.  There is one that you may not have heard of before – A Full Cup.  This site provides forums, coupons, deals and even just a way to relax and not think about saving money for a while.

First of all getting registered  is quick and easy.  And, the cost to join?  FREE!!!  I mean, what kind of deal blogger would I be if I sent you to a site you had to pay for!?! 

After I logged in, I took a look around.  I immediately noticed the forums.  What I love about these is that there are some very savvy people who can put together some incredible deals!!  Plus, there are so many who share information, that you can actually get advanced noticed about an upcoming deal at your favorite drug or retail store.   Who doesn’t love to get inside information? LOL!

I also like that you can go right to today’s posts, just the new posts or even only check out HOT THREADS.  What is great about these is that they are the best printable coupon and/or deal that you might be interested in.  So, if you only have 2 minutes to check the site, you can quickly click here, look through the list and check out the best deals that might be available for you. 

Of course, I also took some time to check out the non-deal forums — which are fun!  It is so nice to sometimes be able to step away from the deals and just unwind.  They have some social forums where you can chat with other people around the country. I’ve actually forged amazing friendships from some online forums.  Friendships that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. 

One other thing you might want to check out is the store shopping listto find the deals for the store right where you will shop.  Just click on the deals under the icon and you’ll go right to the posts for that store.  Keep in mind that not all stores yet have fourms started, so you may not be successful in finding deals for all of the stores.  But feel free to jump in and get one started for the store where you shop – as I am sure others would appreciate sharing ideas!

One final thing I wanted to mention is coupon trading.  I know so many of you get coupons you don’t need and want to get them into the hands of someone who does and vice verse.  So, this can be a great way to swap some coupons!  I love being able to find those coupons that I didn’t get in my own weekly inserts!!!

Using A Full Cup is definitely a great way to help save yourself money.  Just add them to your money saving sites list and you’ll be realizing the savings before you know it!