Affiliate Programs

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Are you new to blogging and looking to earn revenue from your site? If so, the best and easiest way to do this is through Affiliate Advertisers. These are sites where you register and then you can post the codes onto your own blog and in turn, when your readers sign up or purchase things through YOUR linked item, you can make some money!! Most of them are small money makers, such as $0.20/lead, but some are quite a great way to make some money!

I have a few affiliate programs that I have personally used and would recommend to anyone who is wanting to get started. Just click on the link for each one below and you will go right there to get signed up!

MySavings Media

Logical Media – Make Money!

Commission Junction (CJ)

Amazon Associates

Brandcaster ( bar)

ReadySite – Make Money!

Google Adsense

If you do sign up, if you wouldn’t mind just letting me know — via email — where you signed up and the user name you used, I’d appreciate it as some of these great affiliates give special gift cards or things when people sign up!


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