ALERT if you purchased something through Fannie May

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If you purchased something through Fannie May yesterday, check your credit card ASAP! Apparently, they are not honoring the coupon code. They are actually overcharging your credit card for more than they claimed you would owe. They can not do this.

You can call or email them: 1-800-333-3629 or You should also contact your bank/credit card company and file a report for false billing. If you wish to take it further, you can file a report with the Better Business Bureau and/or your State’s Consumer Affairs Division.

One thing I want to stress that this is not in any way the fault of bloggers or people who share these codes. When we find them, we have no way of knowing that they can not be used by just anyone. Fannie May failed to place safeguards on the code which allowed it to be used only once. Hopefully, they figure out how to correct this in the future. I, however, will never post any deals for them again as I don’t EVER want to put any of you through this hassle again.

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