All You Magazine – as low as $6.59!

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Do you notice in a lot of my match-ups that I post coupons you can get from All You Magazine? These are sold only at Walmart stores and through on-line subscriptions. Normally, you can get it for a year for $19.97….however, here are a couple of hot deals that will help you get it even cheaper!

1. Go through Shop At Home. Search for – which will get you 30% cash back. When you make your purchase, you will pay $19.97, but your cash back amount will be $6.00 – netting your magazine cost to be $13.97. Plus, if this is your first purchase through Shop At Home, you will earn another $5.00, which drops the price to $8.97. (Remember – you must have $20.00 in your account before a check is issued to you).

2. Go through Ebates and search for You can earn 42% cash back! So, when you buy your magazine through them, your total drops to only $11.59. Plus, if this is your first Ebates purchase, you will earn $5.00 — netting your out of pocket to only $6.59!!! (You will need $5.00 in your account to have a check paid to you).

3. If you belong to My Points, you can earn 500 points if you go through your account to make your purchase. If you don’t belong to My Points, you can sign up. Not sure what this is? It is a site that pays you points for reading emails and buying things — and you can redeem your points for gift cards to retailers. If you don’t shop on line much, this might be your best alternative.

Thanks Hip To Save!

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