Amazon: B1G1 50% off Video Games & Accessories

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Amazon is offering a pretty nice deal on video games – B1G1 50% off!  The only things to note is that the shipper MUST be Amazon to get the deal plus, you must purchase both games in a single transaction.  This is a nice way to pick up those expensive games and save a few bucks at the same time!


  1. Lisa says

    It apparently doesn’t work on all games, b/c it didn’t reflect the discount in my shopping cart.

  2. Vicky says

    It seems you have to only order 2 at a time. I had 4 games in my cart, but the discount only reflected one game.

  3. Sarah says

    it apparently has limits- I can’t get controllers to come up as 50 % off… it shows it for the pink one but when I try to check out it doesn’t give half off of one…. weird..I”ve tried 3 different times. I got it to show up but I had 3 controllers in the cart- and when I do any combo again– it doesn’t show up!