Amazon: Buy a $50 Gift Card Get $5 To Spend Later

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Amazon is offering a gift and get promotion — purchase $50 in gift cards and get $5 to spend later on.  Head here and you can get started today.  What is great is that you can have it mailed, emailed, print it yourself or even send it to someone through Facebook!  (One thing to note is that this $5 off is limited to only one per account – so if you buy 3 cards, you will still get only $5 to spend).

UPDATE:  I just learned that this was an offer valid only thorugh my personal account.  So, check your spam or in-box to see if you have one waiting for you too! 


  1. Karen W says

    Very timely. I am online now to buy on Amazon….

    However, when I click the link, I see no reference to the $5 bonus…?

    • Karen W says

      I just did a live chat w/ Amazon and the person I chatted with could find no info on the promo either?

      • Alex says

        Just did a live chat w/l Amazon myself. The representative was aware of the promotion but said it was a lucky draw, that the system randomly chooses some customers and then sends them the promo email…

  2. Vicky says

    I didn’t see anything about the $5 either, but I gave it a try anyway cause the money would be spent there either way and I didn’t get the extra $5. I thought maybe it would be emailed or automatically applied to my account, but that didn’t happen.