Amazon: Free 2 Day Shipping + $5 Credit on Select Valentine’s Products

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Amazon is ready for Valentine’s Day – even if you are not!  For a limited time, you can get FREE Two-Day Shipping on select candy and gourmet food items.  Not only that, Amazon Prime members will get a FREE $5 credit to spend on ANYTHING on Amazon (must be item fulfilled by Amazon).  This will be in the form of a credit applied to your account.  So, make sure you sign up for Amazon Mom before you start your shopping so you are eligible for the credit.

They have taken 25% off of several Valentine’s Day items.  One thing I happened to notice was Ghirardeli Dark Chocoalte with Raspberry Filling, 4 – 5.32 oz bags.  These are marked down to $12.92 right now, which makes them $3.23 per bag – which is pretty close to what you pay in the store.  However, when you net your $5 Amazon credit you are paying even less than at the stores!

You might also want to pick up some Ghirardeli Hot Chocolate Mix, Chocolate Mocha (4 – 16 oz cans) for as low as $13.02.  The price is $15.32, but select subscribe and save an your price drops to $13.02 — or just $3.25 per canister.  Pick up some mugs and marshmallows and you have a great gift for someone!  Net your credit and it is like paying just $8.02 for 4 canister of Hot Cocoa.

There is also a new code that will save you an ADDITIONAL 15% off of Nestle candy products.   Use the code NESTVDAY and save even more.  I noticed that they had Nestle Butterfinger Valentine’s Hearts, 11 oz bag (4 count) for $16.00.  When you apply the code, you will save another 15% and pay only $13.60 for 4 which is $3.40 per bag ($0.31 per ounce).    When you net your $5 credit, it is like paying only $8.60 for 4 bags of candy!

Always keep in mind that Amazon will not charge sales tax (in most cases), so that is a savings.  Plus, not having to spend money driving to the store – or even your PERSONAL time – to pick up items really can make these deals even “sweeter” (yes – pun intended)!

UPDATE:  Amazon’s $5 credit was rather misleading on some items (which I learned after this post was made).  Make sure that you purchase from select gourmet gifts so that you can get the credit – the full list of items is here.


  1. Anne says

    I’m not seeing the credit? Does this show up if you already have a Prime account or do you have to place a new order first? Need some more diapers and don’t want to miss out on this deal!

  2. Christa Z. says

    Usually Amazon will tell you when you place your order that you will qualify for whatever the promotional credit is when the order ships–however, I placed both the Subscribe & Save order for the cocoa (on my Prime account) and one for the Lindt truffles on my husband’s Prime account since I wasn’t sure if an S&S order would net the promotion. They’ve now shipped my items, and I have not received the credit, nor did I receive notice when I placed either order, which is odd for Amazon.

    If anybody can clarify this, I’d sure appreciate it. If the S&S order won’t give me a credit, I can place a “regular” order for one of the items, but I’d need to know whether I’m actually going to get the credit before the offer expires…

  3. Christa says

    Thanks, Tracie. I purchased products off of the list, and seeing the “rules” now posted helped. Still didn’t clarify whether items on the list purchased through the S&S option would qualify, and if they don’t post the credits til Feb. 18th, it will be too late to order something new by then.