Amazon: Great Deal on Diapers

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There is a pretty great diapers deal still going on at Amazon.  If you haven’t heard about this offer, you can save 30% off of the list price PLUS get free shipping when you use subscribe and save!   Here’s how you can get diapers for next to nothing out of your pocket!

  1. Head over to Amazon and review the list of diapers that are included in this offer. 
  2. Add the diapers to your account by selecting subscribe and save – I’d recommend the 6 month option (so we have time to cancel later on).  This will knock another 30% off of the price.
  3. Look through your August and September issues of Parents or Parenting: The Early Years to find some codes.  The good news is that if you find more than one – you can use them all – up to 3 total codes!  Yep – they are stackable!
  4. Once you receive your diapers, go into Your Account and Manage Subscribe and Save and then cancel this product from the list!

There are people who have reportedly gotten cases of diapers for less than $5.00!!  WOW!!!!  How did you do?  Share your good diapers deal!

Thanks Baby Cheapskate!


  1. Jill says

    Yes! I stacked 3 codes, one each from July, August, and September. My total for a huge box was $3.47! I really wasn’t thinking, I should have gotten more than one box!!

  2. Adrianne says

    @Jill- how crazy are we! I did the same thing you did…my total for a huge box was 3.55!! How did we not order more!!?? I think I was so excited about the price I completely forgot about everything else for a moment….lol

  3. Crystal Stone says

    Thank you, thank you thank you!! I used the two codes and my swagbucks and got 168 diapers for free!! I am pregnant with twins and so I need all the diaper deals I can get!!!!

  4. CME says

    I can only find my June and July issues of Parenting and I don’t know what exactly I’m looking for? Where are the codes. If they don’t have them in these issues and only in the August and September issues would anyone want to post their codes on here? Thanks!

  5. Rikki says

    I am very excited I got one box of 204 diapers for $2.69! I have more codes, so I tried doing it again on my husbands account, and I added 3 boxes of diapers this time, and when I put in the code, it only took off $8.40 instead of $25.20. I read the coupon again, and it says only valid for one unit! BUMMER!! Guess I will live with only one more box 😉

  6. Jenny says

    I didn’t know what I was looking for either. It is on a tear out card just past the ad for 1800diapers (in Parents). I only had two and ended up paying $10.50 for a box of 120 diapers but that’s still less than I can get them for anywhere else even with coupons.