Amazon: Hot Deal on Pampers Diapers

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Amazon has a really great deal on Pampers Diapers right now allowing you to save up to 30% off of the discounted price.  PLUS, if you happen to have your November issue of Parents Magazine, you can get an additional 20% knocked off of the price.  If you run all of the deals, you can get your diapers as low as $0.10 a diaper!   Now, be sure to follow these steps to get in on this great offer (while it lasts).

1.  Sign up for Amazon Moms – for free!  This will save you an additional 15% off of your purchase.  PLUS – you will get free Prime Shipping!

2.  Then, head on over here.  Select the Size you want and then find the unit count — I searched for one that gave me the lowest price and allowed Subscribe & Save (as that will give me 30% off of the list price).  When you select your size/quantity, you want to be sure that you see this image on your screen.  This way, you know that you are going to be able to save 30% off of the sale price.

3.  You will want to select one of the subscribe and save options from the side menu (don’t worry – you can cancel this later on).  Click Subscribe Now and your item will be placed into your shopping cart.

4.  Proceed to the checkout. If you have your Parents Magazine code, you will be able to save another 20% off of the reduced price.  Since you are with Amazon Moms you’ll even get your order shipped for free!

In my case, I purchased 204 Size 3 Diapers.  The original price was $48.99 and after the on-line discount and my 30% savings, I ended up paying just $26.59 or $0.13 per diaper.  If I had the additional 20% off code, I’d end up paying only $21.27 for 204 diapers or only $0.10 per diaper!!!

I know I mentioned this great deal on Huggies Diapers as well, but sometimes, moms and dads are brand loyal and it is great to know that you can still get a great deal on another brand!!


  1. Kelly says

    Has anyone received their November issue of Parents yet? I was looking for it yesterday for a different diaper deal on Amazon but don’t have mine yet.

  2. Bouaphanh Smith says

    ? is there way I can order more than one item and subscribe each item, so that my order would be more than 25 to get addition month of prime time/or free shipping. I order two item yesterday, but have to do two transaction bc I use subscribe now. I don’t see how to order two item and click subscribe now for each to make it become 25 for the whole transaction.

    • Tracie says

      I guess I am confused as to what you are asking. When you order something, you can select the quantity above subscribe and save (1 – 3) and that is the number that will be ordered for you for that option. If you order another item (that is different) that has subscribe and save, you should be able to order that one as well and select the quantity.

  3. Kerry says

    I have this same problem. I went to order size 2 diapers but once I got all my discounts my total was less than $25. I wanted to be above $25 so I could get the extra month of Amazon Prime. I was able to up my quantity of the item in my cart (size 2 diapers) but I really didn’t want 2 boxes of that size b/c my little guy will probably move up sizes before I can get through all of them. I was trying to order a box of 2 and a box of 3’s but I wasn’t able to figure out how to get it all on one order. I may just call Amazon today to try and figure it out, unless you can help!

    • Tracie says

      Find other small fillers of things you need to go above the $25 if you are wanting to snag that additional month. Just make sure that they qualify for free shipping when you purchase. Some good ideas are socks, cheap magazines, things like that.

  4. Kimberli says

    I had a code from my magazine so I used it last week to order a box of diapers and got a code from my SIL this morning and am trying to order another box (I now have 2 in diapers!!) but its saying “We’re sorry, but the promotional code you entered cannot be applied to this purchase. Please refer to your promotional coupon for information about item or store restrictions.” Any idea if you can only do the deal once?

    • Tracie says

      I am betting so. If you need to do this again, you will need to use a different account — possibly use your SIL to place the order.

      • Crystal Stone says

        This is a huge bummer, I have 4 of these coupons!! Does anyone know if I can create another account but have the same shipping address??

        • Kimberli says

          I used my husband’s amazon account and the order shipped today! So yes, you an use the same shipping address! 🙂

  5. Kerry says

    OK, I just got off the phone with Amazon. You can only order 1 item per order for Subscribe and Save orders. You can up your quantity of that item (2 boxes of size 2 diapers instead of just 1 box) but you cannot order a box of 2’s and a box of 3’s in the same order. You cannot add other things either. So my total for my one box of diapers was $21 and I did not get the extra month of Amazon Prime but I did get a heck of a deal on diapers! I would’ve ordered two boxes of size 2’s to make my order total above $25 but I just don’t know if we’ll get through them all before he grows out of them. Then it is just a waste. Hope this helps some of you that were having the same issue.

    • Tracie says

      Thanks for passing this information along. I am sure others have the same question. I appreicate you taking the time to research this for everyone!