Amazon Minimum Shipping Requirement Increase

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If you shop frequently on Amazon (and are not yet a member of Amazon Prime), you might have noticed a recent change in the free shipping requirements.  Amazon has increased the amount from $25 to $35.  This is the first time in more than 10 years that Amazon has made a change, so I count us lucky that we were able to enjoy that lower threshold for so long!

Here is what Amazon said regarding changes to free shipping:

Amazon’s minimum order size for free shipping has changed to $35. This is the first time in more than a decade that Amazon has altered the minimum order for free shipping in the US. During that time, we have expanded free shipping selection by millions of items across all 40 product categories. Look for “FREE Shipping” on product pages to discover eligible items. 

The best thing you can do to help save yourself money is to sign up for Amazon Prime.  I was personally reluctant to pay the $79 annual fee, but I keep proving to myself year after year that it is money well spent as I get far greater benefit than just free shipping.

Amazon Prime members enjoy:

  • Free Two Day Shipping
  • Instant 5% Savings on Subscribe & Save Items (20% if you purchase 5 items in a single month)
  • Free Kindle Lending Library
  • Free Instant Streaming of Movies and TV Shows
  • Additional Savings for Amazon Mom Members

You might want to take a minute and learn more about all of these services and why I completely believe that Amazon Prime is Worth The Cost!!  What is great is that you can sign up for a FREE trial of Amazon Prime right now.  Give it a shot for 30 days and learn what it has to offer.  Chances are, at the end of the trial period, you’ll be ready to go ahead and pay for the service!


  1. Joyce says

    Members of your family can also use the free shipping from your Amazon Prime. Up to 4 people i think. I bought a 150 pound safe this year and paid no shipping!!! Boy, did that save me money.