Amazon: $40 Box of Diapers for Just $2 Shipped!

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The title of this post may seem just too good to be real, but it really is working!  Now, you will need to make sure you very carefully follow these steps in order to get this deal to work for you, but it has been confirmed to be working by many people today – so it is worth a shot!

STEP 1.  Sign up for a free Amazon Mom Trial Membership (this offer will not work if you are currently an Amazon Mom member or if you have previously signed up).  You will pay the membership fee after 3 months, but can cancel prior to that time and will not pay any charges.

STEP 2.  Claim your $5 off of a $25 Amazon purchase credit which was shared this weekend.

STEP 3.  Visit Amazon to review the eligible diapers included in this promotion.  You will want to make sure that it clearly states that it is sold by Amazon for this deal to work.

STEP 4.  Once you are on the page for the product you want, scroll down to confirm that there is not a coupon you can clip to add to your purchase.  If you find one, click on it to add it to your purchase (not all products include coupons).

STEP 5.  When you get to checkout, enter the coupon code BABYTIME when prompted.  That should take $25 off of your purchase of diapers.

Your final total should show the $25 credit PLUS an additional 20% off of your purchase. You will want to make sure you cancel future shipments before they are mailed out. You can learn more about Subscribe & Save.

Thanks Surviving the Stores!


  1. lindsey says

    i tried ordering just like the directions here for the gdiaper package (was at the link for diapers you gave above), but for some reason when i try to add the ‘babytime’ as a promotional code before subscribing, it says that it cannot be applied to my purchase.
    is this because i’ve already gotten the 20% off as well as the $5 off of $25? thanks!

    • Tracie says

      Some people had some issues on some of the types of diapers. Someone was told that they had to be in Amazon Moms for 24 hours for it to work. You can always call and see if they can’t push it through for you too.