Amazon: Pirate Tent $40.00 Shipped

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UPDATE:  WOW – between the time I posted it and right now, they raised the price back up to $93.26!!  These Amazon deals can just be so fickle!!  BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazon has this awesome Pirate Tent marked down from $139.99 to just $40.00 shipped!  Now, I dont’ just post things to buy willy nilly, but this was too cute and could reall be an INCREDIBLE gift for the holidays this year (at a blow out price).    If you’ve got any little pirates living under your roof, this could be a lot of fun for them on those cold winter days or rainy summer afternoons!


    • Tracie says

      Amazon raised the price between my posting it and you clicking it. Amazon can be so fickle!!! BUMMER!!!!

  1. Crystal says

    I just clicked on the link, this would be great for my daycare! But, it comes up at $93.26, do I need to do something to get that price? Thanks!

    • Tracie says

      They literally raised the price between when I posted it and when you clicked on it. Unreal!!