AOL Users: You’ve …..NOT Got Mail

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If you are an AOL e-mail user, you have probably noticed that you have not been receiving your e-mails from Penny Pinchin’ Mom (and other sites you might follow).  Well, there is a reason for this.  A lot of blogs/sites use Feedburner to generate the daily e-mail digest and reader information that many of you use.  Apparently, when enough people declare emails received from a site as SPAM, AOL will no longer allow anyone to receive any emails from that source.

That is exactly what has happened.  So, if you signed up with an AOL email address, you can no longer receive emails through the feed service because it is now flagged as SPAM.  If you still wish to receive your daily email digests, you will need to sign up again– using a gmail or other email address.  I know that it is not convenient for you, and I wish I had another answer.  However, until AOL will allow these emails to be sent again, this is the only solution.

You can always follow this site on Facebook if you prefer or even add it to your reader to keep tabs on the deals that are posted.  You’ll even find us on Twitter, tweeting about deals as well.  Hopefully this provides you with a few options to keep up to date on the latest posts on this site.

I appreciate your patience and understanding!


  1. StacyH says

    Hi Tracie – I have AOL and have been receiving the daily email just fine. My question is this – will I continue to receive your emails? Or will you ‘turn off’ all AOL users (even us fortunate enough to slip thru the AOL spam wall?!)?

    • Tracie says

      That is odd Stacy – but a GOOD odd! I can’t “turn off” users. It is just being reported by a LOT of AOL users that they can’t get the information anymore. So hopefully for many of you, this is more isolated than not. You will still get everything as usual….but if for some reason you stop receiving them at least you’ll know why!