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WINNER:  dsp@xxxxxx  (Gift card was an e-card and mailed this same day)

One great gift idea for family or friends are gift cards. Even better, gift cards which mean you don’t have to cook dinner!!!!  Right now, when you purchase $50 in Applebee’s gift cards you will receive a $10 bonus gift card!  You can even customize them with a photo or digital message.  You can make your purchase on-line, through their Facebook page and you will get your free digital card.

In addition, Applebee’s is also doling out $100 in FREE Digital Gift Cards every day on Facebook on Twitter. Simply “like” and “follow” Applebee’s on Facebook and Twitter to keep track of the daily in-restaurant assignment and post photos of you and your friends meeting that day’s challenge at your neighborhood Applebee’s to qualify.  This promotion runs through December 24, 2012.

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One reader will receive a free $25 e-giftcard!!


1.  Just leave a comment sharing what your favorite gift card is to give or receive!

This contest will be open until December 9, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. CST. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email. Said winner will have 48 hours in which to provide me with their mailing address so that the prize can be forwarded to them. GOODLUCK!!!

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  1. Shannon Gherke says:

    My favorite gift card is a VISA gift card. I like to save them and use it when I REALLY want something special :)

  2. I love to get or give gift cards to local restaurants so that people can enjoy a night out every now and then. I love to be able to go to a nice place and have a good meal when i don’t feel like cooking and i especialy love not having to clean up the mess!

  3. Wal-Mart!

  4. Amazon

  5. Favorite gift card to get is kohls or archivers.

  6. I love receiving Cheesecake factory gift cards.

  7. I loe to give and get Target gift cards

  8. Carol Anderson says:

    I give my brothers gift cards to their local grocery store, as I know this is something they can reallky use. This way I do not have to spend postage mailing gifts, nor do9 I have to worry about sizes or styles not being correct.

  9. Target! Can’t walk out of that place without spending money!

  10. I like Meijer or Red Lobster

  11. I love restaurant gift cards like this one!!

  12. I love to get dinner and a movie gift cards. That a way you get a date without having to spend any money to go out.

  13. hminnesota says:

    Macys is my fave to give or receive.

  14. I love Amazon gift cards.

  15. I love any gift card! It nice to be able to do something for myself

  16. I love getting gift cards for eating out.

  17. Priscilla R says:

    I love almost any gift card : ) But would really love Walmart or Kohls

  18. Gotta go with Target!

  19. Natalie WI says:

    Any! OK really I love getting Target or Walmart but getting to eat out for free – is great too!

  20. SarahAnn D says:

    I don’t really give gift cards, unless people ask for them. I would rather receive a hand picked gift, but as far as gift cards go, I like ones for Amazon or book stores because I love to read.

  21. Beth Sweeten says:

    Walmart, there is something for everyone…or just a visa card that can be used for anything

  22. Angela Moore says:

    My favorite gift card is any really. I guess an Applebee’s one would be nice since Hubby and I don’t usually go out to eat with 3 kids and all..lol I have loved their food since I worked there back in 1994 :)

  23. Any gift card is a great gift card, as long as that store is nearby to use it and not a state away :)

  24. Amazon! You can get everything on there!

  25. I would say a VISA gift card. Then the person getting it can have lots of choices to spend it on except one store.

  26. Like to give and get Walmart gift cards!

  27. Visa gift cards can be used anywhere which makes them more special!

  28. Any type of giftcard is helpful, but since I spend the most money at Pick N Save, that would be the most useful :)

  29. Before we moved, I LOVED Cheesecake Factory but we don’t have one here now :( I guess now it would have to be Target or Starbucks!

  30. Love to get any gift card, especially with the restaurants. Do not have to cook when I am not in mood…

  31. CarrieLynn says:

    My favorite is one that can be used on anything anywhere!!

  32. Ashley Vazquez says:

    My favorite gift cards to receive are to restaurants, as we don’t treat ourselves very often. :)

  33. Any restaurant is great to give or receive! Love date nights!

  34. My favorite gift card to give is one to a book store like Barnes and Noble, or for movie tickets.

  35. I love to give and receive Target and Starbucks gift cards! :)

  36. Starbucks!!! Us moms need a treat once in a while and are more likely to enjoy one when we have a gift card!

  37. I love getting gift cards to bookstores!

  38. Amy Gillam says:

    I love any gift card to a food establishment other than a seafood place. Red Robin, Applebees, Chipotle….yum

  39. Lindsey Lewis says:

    I love to get and receive both restaurant and movie theater gift cards, perfect for a night out!

  40. angie brotz says:

    Dillards! Don’t forget New Years day they have a lot 75% off, New Year ‘s day ONLY

  41. Amazon gift cards are awesome! They have everything anyone could ever want!

  42. I love giving and receiving Target gift cards

  43. I love to give and receive gift cards. So versatile and one size fits all. My favorite to give teen drivers is a Quick Trip gas card. My favorite to receive is…any and all! :)

  44. Danette Peterson says:

    I love Shutterfly giftcards.

  45. My favorite gift cards to receive are for Barnes and Nobles so I can buy books, and for restaurants so that I can enjoy a night out with friends or family.

  46. Old Navy, ..then I pair it with a coupon!

  47. Amazon is my favorite. Thanks!

  48. I love all gift cards!

  49. Visa, Mastercard, Costco, Target, Military Commissary.

  50. I love Starbucks giftcards!

  51. I would love to receive Pizza Hut giftcard so I could share with friends. For give, I would love to give Walmart giftcard to childrens program’s pastors. They works so hard to everyone, everyday includes my child.

  52. Delphie thielen says:

    I like Price Chopper gift cards!

  53. target giftcard or walmart

  54. I like to give & get Sephora and Charming Charlie’s giftcards. It’s so important for moms to remember to take a moment for themselves!

  55. I found the perfect giftcard for my brother who was so hard to buy for.
    It’s a Southwest Airlines gift card. Each year he takes a trip with some of his friends and flies out of KC.

  56. I love giving gift cards for movies or spas. That way the person is sure to enjoy it. :)

  57. I love target giftcards!

  58. I love gift cards for a massage or clothes the most. Red Lobster and Longhorn are also on my list.

  59. I love getting Amazon gift cards because you can get such great deals on Amazon!

  60. Target :)

  61. I’ll go with the Applebees deal. Ds has only 6 meals/week on his meal plan, but an Applebees very close by.

  62. Target! I can always find something at Target so that is definitely the best place to have a gift card!

  63. Jenifer H says:

    Barnes and Noble is my favorite to give and receive!

  64. Honestly ~ any gift card to a store I love is awesome! Barnes and Noble, Target, Bath and Body Works, restaurants…

  65. Rebecca Castanedo says:

    I like to give gas cards.

  66. I like restaurant gift cards cause it means I get a night off from cooking :)

  67. Lisa Hager says:

    I love Walmart giftcards but any giftcard is a blessing to have.

  68. Brenda W. says:

    Love to give an Amazon gift card to my husband’s niece as she’s an avid reader and it will be well used for her Kindle. To get one, probably Target!

  69. I love receiving restaurant gift cards. They are such a treat! :)

  70. Kimberly Lowell says:

    I like to give and receive restaurant gift cards! You can never go wrong with food!

  71. Wow. I like mostly anything.
    Right now, it woudl be Panera Bread.

  72. I like to give all kinds of restaurant gift cards as a treat to those who rarely can afford to eat out.

  73. Lee Ann S. says:

    I like getting gift cards to my favorite clothing stores.

  74. Amazon is a favorite because you can find almost anything.

  75. dining gift cards

  76. rachel garcia says:

    my favorite gift card to recieve is a visa card, that way you can shop anywhere!

  77. I love AppleBee’s Gift Cards. It’s fun to go to do Late Nite at Abblebee’s with my teen Grandkids and all my Family. :)

  78. Lindsay F. says:

    I would have to say that I like to get VISA gift cards bc you can use them anywhere!

  79. Raymond Schlee says:

    My favorite gift card to give/receive is Amazon as they have have pretty much everything and you can buy without leaving your house!

  80. I love to get cards from The Gap or Old Navy. I can always find something for myself there =)

  81. My favorite gift card to receive is Red Lobster!! :)

  82. I give my sons restaurant gift cards so they can go out to eat and also give them gas cards.

  83. Just about any gift card really, but an Amazon gift card is awesome!

  84. Any gift card to any restaurant! That’s about the only way the hubs and I can get a night out, is if it’s free!!

  85. Target or Amazon gift cards are the best!

  86. I must say Walmart because I don’t think there is a single person who hasn’t bought something or the other from Walmart over the years.

  87. Love having Red Lobster on someone else’s dime! LOL

  88. Target. It’s my favorite!

  89. Angela Cottingham says:

    Any restaurant gift card! We really enjoy eating out, but don’t do it that much because of expense!

  90. Amazon….you can find almost anything on that site.

  91. Sarah Knight says:


  92. Receive — Amazon baby!!
    Give — Depends on the person, but most often a Visa card.

  93. Heather H says:

    I love getting gift cards for any place to eat!! That way my hubby and I can have a date night once and a while for free…..

  94. lisa sparks says:

    I love to get a Target card since I always need things from there. But a nice dinner gift certificate forces my husband and me to get out for a meal I didn’t have to cook!

  95. Target! I’d love a Target gift card :) Applebee’s is fine too 😀

  96. I love mani/pedi gift cards. They let me treat myself without the guilt of paying for it.

  97. I like to receive Amazon Gift Cards.

  98. I love to give (and get) restaurant gift cards–good for parents who need a nice night out.

  99. Tabathia B says:

    My favorite one is Walmart

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  100. Samantha S says:


  101. I love receiving a Target or Kohl’s giftcard. Either place has TONS of home, clothing & household things!

  102. Any restaurant. It’s a great excuse to not cook one night!

  103. My favorite to give and get is Target. Thanks for a chance to win an Applebees gift card!

  104. I prefer restaurant gift cards, when my family comes to visit, it is nice to be able to get good food without paying too much out of pocket.

  105. Heather Manu says:

    Target or Walmart giftcards are always good.


    I love Target giftcards or gas station gift cards

  107. My favorite card is one at can be used anywhere. Like a Visa. So if I see something I like while I’m out I can get it.

  108. I like to give the HyVee gift cards because they can be redeemed for many different items including food and gas.

  109. We love Texas roadhosue

  110. i love to give and receive target giftcards

  111. Kohl’s, Zaxby’s and Target are my favorites.

  112. Target gift cards are my favorite

  113. Charlotte Stonerook says:

    Wal-Mart or grocery store gift cards are my favorite!

  114. My favorite is Amazon gift card

  115. Dorothy F. says:

    I like getting gift cards from Dress Barn. I love their clothes.

  116. I really enjoy any type of restaurant gift card! We don’t eat out very often, so it makes for a nice treat.

  117. I love any that I can buy at Kroger and save on gas! Applebee’s seems to be one of the favorites that some one in the family is getting for a gift or for a night out with friends!

  118. Emily Adams says:

    I love receiving gift cards from TArget! I can always find wonderful things at Target!

  119. I would take apple bee’s love it! my favorite place to eat!!

  120. I love to get gift cards for grocery stores or gas stations.

  121. resturants…that way i dont feel bad for eating out.

  122. Target, my favorite :)

  123. Jennifer Rote says:

    I like Olive Garden cards.

  124. I love Longhorn gift cards for meals and Kohls to feed my shopping addiction :)

  125. Any mall card is great

  126. Any restaurant gift card…… money is so tight that is the only time we get to go anywhere to eat besides fast food

  127. My favorite giftcards to recieve are Walmart and Applebees:) Applebees is my favorite place to eat.

  128. alcee clayborne says:

    I love to receive amazon gift cards so many uses

  129. Denise Wilson says:

    I love getting gift cards for restaurants. We don’t eat out at nice places very much, so we really enjoy it when we can!

  130. I love Old Navy gift cards.

  131. Amanda Adee says:

    I <3 getting an unexpected gift card for a pedi…perfect little pamper-me date!

  132. I love to receive Target gift cards.

  133. Walmart or Target

  134. Christina says:

    My favorite gift card to receive is amazon! I love Amazon!!!

    To give… I usually like to give GC’s to restaurants that I know the receiver likes.

  135. I love to receive gift cards for LOFT because then I actually get to use it on something for myself

  136. My favorite giftcard to give is Bath and Body Works because of the amazing-smelling soaps, candles and body washes that everyone loves!

  137. I like to get Target gift cards or fast food gift cards so I can just grab something on the go when we are super busy!

  138. I would like to get a Lowes or Home Depot gift card for home & garden improvements.

  139. I love Walmart Gift cards, such great deals

  140. Tara Liebing says:

    I love to get Visa giftcards then I can use them anywhere. But I also like to give and receive Amazon giftcards

  141. Love Amazon because they have so many choices! You can get necessities or satisfy a want.

  142. my favorite gift cards to receive are restaurant and Starbucks.

  143. jamie kelsey says:

    I like Red Lobster card

  144. My favorite gift card to give is a Visa gc, so they can spend it on anything, anywhere they want :)

  145. Sherry Compton says:

    I love to give restaurant cards…Since I can’t take some of my family out to eat for their birthdays (due to where we all live) I like to give them a card to go out.

  146. I love Amazon giftcards.

  147. i love giving, and getting, target cards!

  148. Janice K. says:

    Red Lobster…..we always would love to go there, but with 6 of us and one income the bill is really high and we just can’t afford our favorite place.

  149. Michele L. says:

    My favorite to receive – Kohl’s
    My favorite to give to my hubby is Applebees – we ate there last night in fact!

  150. I love Target gift cards

  151. I love gift cards to restaurants since we cannot afford to eat out that often!

  152. I love getting gift cards for restaraunts, Target, Barnes & Noble & really almost for anything!

  153. Gift cards for clothes are always cool!

  154. We love Texas Roadhouse! Yum!

  155. Jessica To says:

    I like restaurant gift cards to give and receive!

  156. I love to receive gift cards for any restaurant, since it means I won’t have to cook!

  157. Pam Hartman says:

    I love receiving or giving gift cards to TJMaxx. They always have something I want to buy!

  158. Red Lobster gift card!

  159. I love any kind of restaurant card! Red Lobster or Applebees are my favorites.

  160. I like to receive Amazon gift cards or Walmart.

  161. Ann Johnson says:

    I love Amazon gift cards because they have so much to chose from and great prices!

  162. I love Visa gift cards because you can use them for anything!

  163. I like giving gas cards since I know everyone will use them!

  164. I love subway gift cards because everyone has to eat and it is convenient.

  165. We give a lot of Starbucks GCs, and we love to receive any!!

  166. Michelle Good says:

    I like generic gift cards to big stores–i.e. walmart, target…love Belk gift cards!!!

  167. My favorite is Walmart gift cards because I like to price match. I would say Target, but it bugs me not to get the extra 5% off, ha ha!

  168. I love giving and receiving Starbucks gift cards! They always seem to make everyone happy :)

  169. I like receiving gift cards from Starbucks and Amazon!

  170. Amy Gerson says:

    I love Amazon gift cards…..or Best Buy!! Merry Christmas!!

  171. I LOVE Target gift cards! I can always find something I need! 😉

  172. Kristine B says:

    I love giving and receiving Amazon Gift cards. You can find almost anything on Amazon.

  173. Stacey Sisemore says:

    I love amazon gift cards. You can get ANYTHING with them from everyday necessities to splurges like books, electronics, etc.

  174. I love Target gift cards!

  175. Lindsay S says:

    I love target giftcards!!! You can buy so many different things with them!!

  176. Kristy Vollmar says:

    I love to recieve and give Walmart gift cards! They have something for everyonw from food to toys to tires!

  177. i love amazon or target gift cards!

  178. We love Olive Garden gift cards, especially my children!

  179. I enjoy Amazon gift cards!

  180. Eva Worthing says:

    My favorite giftcard to give is itunes.

  181. Beth Perona says:

    I love to get restaurant gift cards…no cooking or cleaning up! 😀

  182. nikki wilson says:

    My most favorite gift card is Target to recieve. I get everything there. I like to give food gift cardsto chain places caue everyone needs a night out

  183. Target gift cards, because they have everything

  184. I love getting and receiving restaurant gift cards. One less night I have to cook!

  185. I love getting restaurant gift cards, so my family and I can enjoy a night out without all the clean up.

  186. I love getting restaurant gift cards. A night out with the family is the best.

  187. We like getting restaurants gift cards…time to spend as a family without doing any of the dishes.

  188. I love receiving CVS gift cards, cause you can get SOOO much by using it wisely!

  189. Christy Anderson says:

    I love giving an receiving Wal-Mart or Target giftcards b/c you can get just about anything there.

  190. We love to receive dinner gift certificates because we don’t often take money out of our budget to have dinner out.

  191. I love any and all on the receiving end. I most often purchase Walmart or Target gift cards to gift.

  192. I would love to win.

  193. I love receiving and giving Target gift cards.

  194. I love receiving Kohl’s gift cards!