Apply to Host a B-Daman Battle Master Party

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There is a brand new House Party Opportunity available!  This time around, you can apply to host a B-Daman Battle Master Party.  The makers of Beyblade have a new product available.  B-Daman takes marble blasting to a whole-new level! Kids will love the fast-paced action as they rapidly blast marbles from their collectible and customizable B-Daman figure launchers. Set up your own B-Daman tournament and award B-Daman battle winners with prizes, goodies, coupons and B-Daman figure launchers. Ready…Aim…Crossfire!

Your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

  • Break Bomber Battlefield Stadium (includes 2 figures)
  • B-Daman Basic Figures
  • B-Daman Vertigo Spin Arena or Surge Strike Arena
  • Coupon for FREE marble refills
  • B-Daman code cards that unlock additional content on
  • And more!

House parties are a great way to try new products — for free! You simply invite your friends over and the house party supplies the gifts! It really is just that simple!

Visit House Party to learn more!

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