Apply To Host A Home Depot® Get Organized House Party

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There is another new House Party opening up for applications!  This time, you can apply to host The Home Depot® Get Organized House Party!  We all know that The Home Depot® is the go to source for big and small DIY projects.  They are now going to help you and your friends get organized with easy-to-make projects from the VELCRO® Brand.

Everybody will enjoy creating a useful, elegant counter organizer for your makeup and more at your party. Help your friends get a jump-start on the back-to-school season and discover simple, creative ways to stay organized with the VELCRO® Brand and The Home Depot®.  I’ve had these parties before and they are always so much fun!

If you are selected to host this party, you will receive:

  • The Home Depot® gift card to help you get ready for your party
  • VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® ties
  • Tape measurers
  • Scissors
  • And more!

Visit House Party to apply to host your own Get Organized Party!!