Arm & Hammer Ultra Last™ Cat Litter Try Me Free Mail in Rebate

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There’s a new rebate for Arm & Hammer Ultra Last™ Baking Soda Coated Clumping Litter, 20 lb box.  Here are the details on this rebate:

  • This offer is valid on all purchases made between 12/15/11 and 3/30/12.
  • Your submission must be postmarked no later than 4/15/12.
  • You will need to include this completed form, the UPC from the package and your original receipt with the price circled.

When it comes to mailing in those rebates, I recommend you retain a copy of everything you send in before you mail it so that you can follow up if you ever need to.


  1. Jane Agee says

    I tried ultra last and it seemed to work real well, but I have noticed since I have been using it, I have developed some form of allergy from the odor of the litter. At first I ignored it, but it seems to be getting worse. Have you had any reports of known allergic reactions to this litter. I normally use arm and hammer double duty. I also always wear a mask and rubber gloves when cleaning the boxes. Just curious as whether I may have developed an allergy to the litter or not.


    Jane Agee