AT&T Customers: Possible 1000 Free Rollover Minutes

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If you are an AT&T Customer, you can might be able to get 1,000 free rollover minutes!  All you need to do to get this is to text YES to 11113020 and you’ll get 1,000 FREE rollover minutes.  You will need to be a current AT&T customer.

Keep in mind that this offer may not be available for all accounts, but it might be worth a try to see if yours is included in the offer.

Thanks, Frugal Coupon Living!


  1. says

    Hello, Im sorry to bother you but I do not understand “All you need to do to get YES to 11113020 and you’ll get 1,000 FREE rollover minutes”. Can you please clarify…thanks!

    • Tracie says

      Sorry – it cut out part of the statment – send a text to the number lisetd. …LOL!!!

    • Tracie says

      Many people were able to get this without any notification. AT&T retweeted this post yesterday as well, so it sounds like it is one that others can get. However, since some may not be able to, I had put “possible” in the title – just in case it doesn’t work for some people.