B1G1 Free Pretzel Crisps

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Pretzel Crisps has a new B1G1 Free Preztel Crisps coupon available for print.   This coupon is good through May 31, 2011.   (I personally confirmed that this pdf is a legitimate print, so you should be OK redeeming it at your store).

Thanks, Savvy Spending!

Thanks, Savvy Spending!


  1. jennifer T says

    there is also a coupon for a free tribe hummus when you buy two pretzel crisps
    tear pad seen in Giant stores.

  2. Elaine Lund says

    I was at Stop and Shop and saw the advertisement about the free hummus, but there were no tear pads. I thought it would automatiocally come off at register, but didn’t. Customer service refunded the cost of the hummus.
    And the sign reads, “8 oz. or larger”. I was surprised to see that. Usually it says “8 oz. or smaller”.
    And a question, Can you freeze Hummus?

  3. Jessica says

    At Christmas I painted white chocolate on these with a pastry brush and rolled in crushed candy candy canes. Salty and sweet heaven!