Babies R Us: $5 Diaper Deals + Free Shipping

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Babies R Us is having a super diaper sale today and tomorrow only (July 24th & 25th).  You can pick up select styles for just $5 a package both in the stores and on-line!  Here are the styles included (as well as the regular on-line price so you can see the savings):

Babies R Us offers $20 worth of free shipping when you spend $75, so you can keep that in mind if you want to really stock up and save at these low prices.  Of course, that means 25 packages of diapers, but at these prices, that still is a great deal!  However, if you would rather pick up only a few packages, you can still get free shipping.

When you sign up for a ShopRunner trial account, you get free shipping and returns to Babies R Us and many other stores.  You simply shop like usual and at checkout, you will click the green ShopRunner link and then sign into your account.  That instantly activates free shipping!  You can sign up head here to learn more and get signed up.


  1. Michelle says

    This is only $20 off shipping…my shipping totaled $50 for $75 worth of diapers! so its still not cheap. Will they acknowledge the $5 price in the store that is online? When I say pick up at store, every choice is out of stock…Great deal without the shipping!

  2. Emily Kaufmann says

    Yay! There’s a Babies R Us right down the road from me and I’m outta 3s 🙂

  3. Allison says

    BRU takes manufacturer’s coupons, correct? Does that mean we can use a $3/1 Huggies coupon for $2 diapers?!?

  4. tonya says

    If you purchase at the store (i go to the Babies R US on 135th in OP) they are offering a $5 giftcard when you buy 2!

  5. Stacy Ann says

    If you buy them online, sign up for’s free trial and you will get free 2-day shipping on your order.

  6. Stacy Ann says

    If you buy them online, sign up for’s free trial and you will get free 2-day shipping on your order.

  7. lisa says

    I went to Toys R us near oak park mall (KC area) and I got the pure & naturals, and those are the ones that are the buy 2 and get a $5 giftcard. That’s a sale they have going on. Those giftcards aren’t activated for 6 hours so you can’t buy 2, pay, then buy 2 new and expect to use your giftcard on the 2nd transaction. A deal if you don’t want to go back to use the giftcard, get the jean diapers, they are in sizes 3-5, and they are $5, there’s also a sale for buy one get one 50% off, so $7.50 for 2, or $3.75 each!

  8. Amanda says

    I just got back from Toys R Us! Bought 6 packs of the Huggies Pure & Natural, had $18 worth of coupons, and got a $15 gift card! So I pretty much made money! You can also do the site to store and use your coupons when you go to pick them up :o)

  9. Anne says

    We hit the Toys R Us by the Great Mall in Olathe, KS. They were out of pretty much everything (looked like they never even had the Huggies nor 7th Gen in anything but N or 1). I did grab a pack of the Fisher Price and Earths Best in Size 4 which we aren’t quite ready for…but will be soon enough. There were more of those brands in various sizes if you are interested…

  10. Jean says

    26 diapers for $5.00 isn’t a great deal…that’s 17 cents a diaper…often they can be found on Amazon for 13 or 14 cents a diaper…although I still am on the look-out for the 9 and 10 cent diaper deals!! With coupons, it might be okay, but I’m not driving all over KC to find them… I’ll just let Amazon deliver them to my door! 🙂

  11. Jenna says

    They’re out of stock in-store and online of all the Huggies- is there an Ad containing the $5.00 sale that I can take to walmart/target to price match…?