Back To School Deals 2015: Price Comparison Database

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Back to School Price Comparison Tool |

If you are looking to find the best deals for the items you need for back to school, you are in the right place!  This database will help you find the best deals at your favorite stores.  Here is how it works:

1.  Type in the product you need to find (i.e. crayons) into the Search box below.

2.  As you type, you will see items fall off of the list leaving only those you want to see.  This includes brand, price and the store.

This short video helps explain it as well:

You can also just sort by store to check out all of the prices where you plan to shop – just click the arrow on that column heading and it will resort by any of the titles listed (product, store, etc).

This list will be updated each Sunday morning with the newest prices and deals at your favorite stores -including any possible coupons we have available!  Make sure you share this with your friends, teachers and homeschooling parents to help them track down the best deals too!

*If you are viewing on a Mobile Device – turn it HORIZONTALLY so you can view all of the store info.

[IN] Place 1/2" Binder$7.49$7.49Office Depot/Office Max
#2 Yellow Pencils, 12 ct$0.99$0.99Toys R Us
0.7mm mechanical pencils$3.50$3.50Target*
1 Subject Notebooks$0.17$0.17Walmart
1 Subject Notebooks$1.25$1.25Dollar General
1" Binder$1.50$1.50Dollar General
1/2" up & up Binder$2.74$2.74Target
12" Plastic Ruler$1.09$1.09KMart
12" Plastic Ruler$0.50$0.50Dollar General
12" Wooden Ruler$0.69$0.69KMart
2 Hole Pencil Sharpener$0.47$0.47Walmart
2-pocket paper folder$0.15$0.15Staples
2" Binder$2.75$2.75Dollar General
2" Binder$8.99$8.99CVS
3 or 5 Subject Solid Color Spiral NotebooksB1G1 50% OffVariesKMart*
3 Subject Notebooks$1.44$1.44Walmart
3 Subject Notebooks$1.50$1.50Dollar General
3" Binder$3.50$3.50Dollar General
3M Post-It Notes$2.79$2.79Walgreens
4 Pocket Folders$0.97$0.97Walmart
5 Subject Notebooks$1.92$1.92Walmart
5 Subject Notebooks$2.00$2.00Dollar General
Arctic Zone Lunchbox$3.44$3.44Walmart
Arctic Zone Lunchbox$9.99$9.99Office Depot/Office Max
Assorted Mead 5 StarB1G1 50% OffVariesRite Aid*
Avery 1" Binder2.742.74Target
Avery 1" Heavy-Duty Binder$3.97$3.97Walmart*
Avery 1"and 1.5" Durable Binders$3.50$3.50KMart
Avery 2" Binder$3.96$3.96Walmart
Avery 2" Binder$5.59$5.59KMart
Avery 3" Binder$7.47$7.47Walmart
Avery 3" Binder$9.99$9.99KMart
Avery Binders$3.99$3.99CVS*
Avery Paper Reinforcement Tabs$2.99$2.99CVS
Avery Plastic Dividers$3.50$3.50KMart
Avery Plastic Write on Tabs$3.50$3.50KMart
Avery Tabbed Dividers$1.99$1.99CVS
Avery Tabbed Dividers, 5 ct$3.99$3.99KMart
Avery Tabbed Dividers, 8 ct$5.99$5.99KMart
B2P Pens, 2 or 4pk2/$52/$5Office Depot/Office Max*
Backpack$3.00 - $8.00$3.00 - $8.00Dollar General
Backpack$14.99$14.99Toys R Us
BackpacksBuy 1 Get a FREE LunchboxAs low as $12.99 for bothToys R UsBackpacks $12.99+ -- max lunch box value $9.99
Backpacks (reg $5.99)$2.99$2.99Walgreens
Basic Backpack$5.00$5.00Walgreens
Bic Black or Blue Ink Pens, 10 ct$2.19$2.19CVS
Bic Black, Red or Blue Ink Pens, 10 ct$2.19$2.19KMart
Bic Black, Red or Blue Ink Pens, 10 ct$1.99$1.99Office Depot/Office Max
Bic Black, Red or Blue Pens, 10 ct$1.39$1.39Target
Bic Black, Red or Blue Pens, 10 ct$1.17$1.17Walmart
Bic Black, Red or Blue Pens, 10 ct$1.99$1.99Walgreens
Bic Bookcovers$1.99$1.99Office Depot/Office Max
Bic Highlighters, 4 ct$1.59$1.59Target
Bic Highlighters, 4 ct$2.39$2.39Walgreens
Bic Highlighters, 5 ct$1.74$1.74Walmart
Bic Highlighters, 5 ct$2.00$2.00Dollar General
Bic Ink Pens, Black or Blue, 10 ct$1.50$1.50Dollar General
BIC Mechanical Pencils, 0.7mm, 5 ct$1.00$1.00Staples
Bic Mechanical Pencils, 10 ct$1.46$1/2 Bic Stationery Products, exp. 9/15/15 (SS 08/02/15)
Final Price: $0.96 each wyb 2
Bic Mechanical Pencils, 26 ct$6.49$6.49Target
Bic Mechanical Pencils, 8 ct$2.19$2.19Target
BIC Round Stic Ball Point Pens, 10 ct$1.00$1.00Staples
Black EXPO Markers, 2 ct$1.97$1.97Walmart
Black EXPO Markers, 2 ct$2.00$2.00Staples
Caliber #2 Yellow Pencils, 10 ct$2.19$2.19CVS
Caliber #2 Yellow Pencils, 24 ct$2.99$2.99CVS
Caliber 1 Subject Notebooks$2.19$2.19CVS
Caliber 1" Binder$6.49$6.49CVS
Caliber 1/2" Binder$5.99$5.99CVS
Caliber 12" Plastic Ruler$1.37$1.37CVS
Caliber 12" Wooden Ruler$1.27$1.27CVS
Caliber 3 Subject Notebooks$4.59$4.59CVS
Caliber 5 Subject Notebooks$5.29$5.29CVS
Caliber Binders$3.99$3.99CVS*
Caliber Black or Blue Ink Pens, 10 ct$1.99$1.99CVS
Caliber Bookcovers$1.99$1.99CVS
Caliber Calculator$5.99$5.99CVS
Caliber Composition Notebooks$2.99$2.99CVS
Caliber Glue Bottle, 4 oz$1.77$1.77CVS
Caliber Glue Sticks, 3 ct$2.37$2.37CVS
Caliber Index Cards, 100 ct$1.99$1.99CVS
Caliber Manual Pencil Sharpener$0.99$0.99CVS
Caliber multipurpose paper 500 sheets$4.99$4.99CVS
Caliber Paper Pocket Folders$0.77$0.77CVS
Caliber School SuppliesB1G1 50% OffB1G1 50% OffCVS*
Caliber Scissors, 5"$3.59$3.59CVS
Caliber Scissors, 7-8"$5.99$5.99CVS
Caliber Scotch Tape$1.57$1.57CVS
Caliber Stapler, Mini$3.59$3.59CVS
Caliber Staples$2.67$2.67CVS
Camelbak .75-L Eddy or Zulu Atlas 20-oz glass water bottle$13.00$13.00Target
Case It 3" Binder$14.99$14.99Office Depot/Office Max
Casemate 1" Binder$2.74$2.74Walmart
Casemate 1" Poly Binder$0.97$0.97Walmart
Casemate 1/2" Binder$2.47$2.47Walmart
Casemate 2 hole Manual Pencil Sharpener$0.47$0.47Walmart
Casemate 5" Scissors$0.50$0.50Walmart
Casemate Cap Erasers, 25 ct$0.57$0.57Walmart
Casemate Handheld Calculator$0.97$0.97Walmart
Casemate Highlighters, 2 t$0.77$0.77Walmart
Casemate Pink Erasers, 6 ct$1.84$1.84Walmart
Casemate Plastic Compass$0.97$0.97Walmart
Casemate Plastic Protractor$0.97$0.97Walmart
Casemate Pnk Erasers, 2 ct$0.50$0.50Walmart
Casemate Protractor$0.97$0.97Walmart
Casemate Tank Highlighters, 2 ct$0.77$0.77Walmart
Casement Thin Highlighters, 2 ct$0.57$0.57Walmart
Composition Notebooks$0.50$0.50Target
Composition Notebooks$0.50$0.50Walmart
Composition Notebooks$2.99$2.99KMart
Composition Notebooks$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Composition Notebooks$0.50$0.50Staples
Cra-Z-Art Colored Pencils, 10 ct$2.29$2.29Staples
Cra-Z-Art Colored Pencils, 12 ct$0.50$0.50Walmart
Cra-Z-Art Colored Pencils, 24 ct$1.97$1.97Walmart
Cra-Z-Art Crayons, 24 ct$0.47$0.47Walmart
Cra-Z-Art Crayons, 24 ct$0.99$0.99Toys R Us
Cra-Z-Art Crayons, 24 ct$1.49$1.49Staples
Cra-Z-Art Crayons, 24 ct$1.00$1.00Walgreens
Cra-Z-Art Thin Markers, 10 ct$0.50$0.50Walmart
Cra-Z-Art Thin Markers, 10 ct$2.99$2.99Staples
Cra-Z-Art Washable Crayons, 24 ct$1.47$1.47Walmart
Cra-Z-Art Washable Markers, 10 ct$0.50$0.50Walmart
Cra-Z-Art Watercolor Paints$0.97$0.97Walmart
Cra-Z-Art Wide Markers, 10 ct$0.50$0.50Walmart
Cra-Z-Art Wide Markers, 10 ct$2.99$2.99Toys R Us
Cra-Z-Art Wide Markers, 10 ct$3.49$3.49Staples
CrayolaB1G1 50% OffB1G1 50% OffCVS*
Crayola Crayons, 24 ct$2.29$2.29Office Depot/Office Max
Crayola Art & Craft Supplies, and ActivitiesB1G1VariesRite Aid*
Crayola Colored Pencils$0.97$0.97Staples
Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 ct$0.97$0.97Target
Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 ct$0.97$0.97Walmart
Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 ct$2.00$2.00KMart
Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 ct$2.00$2.00Dollar General
Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 ct$2.99$2.99Toys R Us
Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 ct$2.89$2.89Office Depot/Office Max
Crayola Colored Pencils, 12 ct3.993.99CVS
Crayola Colored Pencils, 24 ct$2.97$2.97Target
Crayola Colored Pencils, 24 ct$3.00$3.00Staples
Crayola Colored Pencils, 24 ct$4.99$4.99Walgreens
Crayola Crayons, 24 ct$1.37$1.37Target
Crayola Crayons, 24 ct$0.50$0.50Walmart
Crayola Crayons, 24 ct$1.50$1.50Dollar General
Crayola Crayons, 24 ct$1.49$1.49Toys R Us
Crayola Crayons, 24 ct$1.99$1.99Walgreens
Crayola Crayons, 24 ct2.872.87CVS
Crayola Crayons, 24 pk$0.50$0.50Staples
Crayola Crayons, Washable, 8 ct$2.49$2.49Walgreens
Crayola Markers, 10ct$2.00$2.00KMart
Crayola Markers, Washable, 8 ct$3.49$3.49Walgreens
Crayola Thin Markers, 10 ct$0.97$0.97Target
Crayola Thin Markers, 10 ct$0.97$0.97Walmart
Crayola Thin Markers, 10 ct$2.00$2.00Dollar General
Crayola Thin Markers, 10 ct$0.97$0.97Staples
Crayola Thin Markers, 10 ct$3.79$3.79Office Depot/Office Max
Crayola Thin Markers, 10 ct$2.99$2.99Walgreens
Crayola Thin Markers, 10 ct3.993.99CVS
Crayola Twistables Mini Crayons, 24 ct$3.00$3.00Staples
Crayola Ultra Clean washable crayons$1.57$1.57Target*
Crayola Ultra Clean washable markers$1.97$1.97Target*
Crayola Washable Crayons, 16 ct$3.49$3.49Target
Crayola Washable Crayons, 8ct$2.00$2.00KMart
Crayola Washable Watercolors, 16ct$2.00$2.00KMart
Crayola Water Color Paints, 8 ct$1.97$1.97Target
Crayola Watercolor Paints$2.00$2.00Staples
Crayola Watercolor Paints$2.99$2.99Office Depot/Office Max
Crayola Watercolor Paints3.993.99CVS
Crayola Watercolor Paints, 8 ct$2.49$2.49KMart
Crayola Wide Markers, 10 ct$0.97$0.97Target
Crayola Wide Markers, 10 ct$0.97$0.97Walmart
Crayola Wide Markers, 10 ct$3.00$3.00Dollar General
Crayola Wide Markers, 10 ct$0.97$0.97Staples
Crayola Wide Markers, 10 ct$3.79$3.79Office Depot/Office Max
Crayola Wide Markers, 10 ct$2.99$2.99Walgreens
Crayola Wide Markers, 10 ct3.993.99CVS
Crayols Washable Markers, 10 ct$1.97$1.97Walmart
CVS Hand Sanitzer, 8 oz$3.59$3.59CVS
Dixon #2 Yellow Pencils, 8 ct$0.47$0.47Walmart
Dixon #2 Yellow Pencils, 8 ct$0.99$0.99KMart
Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils$2.47 - $10.12$2.47 - $10.12Office Depot/Office Max
Dollar General Calculator$3.75$3.75Dollar General
Dollar General Glue Bottle, 4 oz$0.50$0.50Dollar General
Dollar General Hand Sanitzer, 8 oz$1.50$1.50Dollar General
Dollar General Highlighters, 3 ct$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Dollar General Post-It Notes$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Dollar General Scotch Tape$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Dry Erase Markers, 4pk$0.99$0.99Office Depot/Office Max*
Elmer's giant purple glue sticks$2.50$2.50Target*
Elmer's GlueB1G1VariesRite Aid*
Elmer's Glue Bottle, 4 oz$1.99$1.99Office Depot/Office Max
Elmer's Glue Bottle, 4 oz$2.19$2.19CVS
Elmer's Glue Stick, 1 ct$1.44$1.44Walmart
Elmer's Glue Sticks, 1 ct$3.29$3.29Office Depot/Office Max
Elmer's Glue Sticks, 1 ct$2.77$2.77CVS
Elmer's Glue Sticks, 12 ct$2.99$2.99Target
Elmer's Glue Sticks, 12 ct$3.92$3.92Walmart
Elmer's Glue Sticks, 2 ct$0.97$0.97Target
Elmer's Glue Sticks, 2 ct$0.50$0.50Walmart
Elmer's Glue Sticks, 2 ct$1.99$1.99Walgreens
Elmer's Glue Sticks, 2 ct$5.99$5.99CVS
Elmer's Glue Sticks, 4 ct$1.97$1.97Walmart
Elmer's Glue Sticks, 6 ct$2.99$2.99CVS
Elmer's Jumbo School Glue Stick$3.00$3.00KMart*
Elmer's School Glue, 4 oz$0.74$0.74Target
Elmer's School Glue, 4 oz$0.50$0.50Walmart
Elmer's School Glue, 4oz$2.19$2.19Walgreens
Elmers Glue Bottle, 4 oz$1.49$1.49KMart
Elmers Glue Bottle, 4 oz$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Elmers Glue Bottle, 4 oz$1.49$1.49Toys R Us
Elmers Glue Bottle, 4 oz$1.00$1.00Staples
Elmers Glue Stick, 1 ct$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Elmers Glue Sticks, 1 ct$2.29$2.29KMart
Elmers Glue Sticks, 3 ct$1.50$1.50Dollar General
Elmers Glue Sticks, 3 ct$3.00$3.00Staples
Elmers Glue Sticks, 8 ct$4.00$4.00Staples
ElmersGlue Sticks, 4 ct$1.99$1.99Toys R Us
Embark backback$20.00$20.00Target
Energel RX Gel Pens, 2pk$2.50$2.50KMart*
Expo Black EXPO Markers, 2 ct$3.99$3.99Office Depot/Office Max
EXPO Dry Erase Markers, 8 ct$8.29$8.29Target
Expo Dry Erase Markers, 8pk$5.99$5.99Office Depot/Office Max*
EXPO Dry Erase Thin Markers, 4 ct$3.64$3.64Target
Expo EXPO Markers, 4 ct$5.99$5.99Office Depot/Office Max
EXPO EXPO Markers, 4 ct$4.49$4.49Walgreens
EXPO Markers, 4 ct$2.97$2.97Target
EXPO Markers, 4 ct$2.97$2.97Walmart
EXPO Markers, 4 ct$5.99$5.99Staples
EXPO Markers, 4 ct$6.99$6.99CVS
Expo Markers, Eraser, and Cleaner Set$5.99$5.99Office Depot/Office Max*
Fashion Pencil Box$1.47$1.47Walmart
Filler Paper, 130 sheets$0.99$0.99Office Depot/Office Max*
Filler Paper, 150 ct$0.82$0.82Walmart
Filler Paper, 175 ct$0.99$0.99Target
Filler Paper, 500 ct$2.50$2.50Walmart
Fiskar 5" Scissors$1.47$1.47Walmart
Fiskars 5" Pointed Scissors$2.79$2.79Walgreens
Fiskars 7" Scissors$2.97$2.97Walmart
Fiskars Scissors, 5"$2.99$2.99Office Depot/Office Max
Fiskars Scissors, 7-8"$5.49$5.49Office Depot/Office Max
Fiskars Student Scissors, 7"$3.00$3.00KMart*
Fisker 5" Scissors$1.99$1.99Target
Five Star 1 Subject Notebooks$5.99$5.99Office Depot/Office Max
Five Star 2-Pocket Poly Folder$1.97$1.97Walmart*
Five Star 3 Subject Notebooks$5.29$5.29KMart
Five Star 5 Subject Notebooks$9.49$9.49Office Depot/Office Max
Five Star Advance notebook$4.00$4.00Target*
Five Star Wide-Ruled or College-Ruled 1-Subject Notebook$1.97$1.97Walmart*
Fiver Star 1" Binder$3.99$3.99Office Depot/Office Max
FiveStar 1 Subject Notebooks$4.99$4.99KMart
FiveStar 5 Subject Notebooks$8.79$8.79KMart
Flexible Ruler$0.97$0.97Walmart
Georgia Pacific Standard Bright Copy Paper, 500ct$4.00$4.00KMart
Germ-X Hand Sanitzer, 10 oz$1.98$1.98Walmart
Gorilla GlueB1G1VariesRite Aid*
Graphing Calculator - TI$119.99$119.99Staples
H20 or ZAZA Tote Lunch Kit$9.99$9.99KMart
High Sierra Backpack$29.99$29.99Office Depot/Office Max
High Sierra Backpack$34.59$34.59Office Depot/Office Max
HP Ink Cartridges$18.99$18.99CVS*
Hybernation Lunchbox$8.99$8.99CVS
Imagine #2 Yellow Pencils, 18 ct$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Imagine #2 Yellow Pencils, 8 ct$0.50$0.50Dollar General
Imagine Colored Pencils, 12 ct$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Imagine Glue Stick, 1 ct$0.50$0.50Dollar General
Imagine Glue Sticks, 3 ct$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Imagine Watercolor Paints$1.80$1.80Dollar General
Index Cards, 100 ct$0.48$0.48Walmart
Index Cards, 100 ct$0.50$0.50Dollar General
Index Cards, 100 ct$0.99$0.99Toys R Us
Index Cards, 100 ct$1.19$1.19Walgreens
Index Cards, 3x5, 100 ct$0.48$0.48Staples
Jansport Backpack$47.99$47.99Staples
Kmart Loose Leaf Paper, 150 ct$1.69$1.69KMart
Krazy Glue Singles, 4ct$3.00$3.00KMart*
Lexar JumpDrive 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive$8.99$8.99Staples*
Lexar JumpDrive 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive$9.99$9.99Staples*
Lexar JumpDrive 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive$17.99$17.99Staples*
Licensed Watches$7.99$7.99CVS*
Loose Leaf Paper$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Loose Leaf Paper$0.75$0.75Staples
lunch kits30% OffVariesTarget*
Lunch KitsB1G1VariesRite Aid*
Lunchbags, various styles$7.99+$7.99+Target
Lunchbox$7.99$7.99Toys R Us
Manual Pencil Sharpener$0.50$0.50Dollar General
Manual Pencil Sharpener$0.99$0.99Toys R Us
Marvel Backpack$27.99$27.99Office Depot/Office Max
Master Combination Lock$3.75$3.75Dollar General
Mead 1 Subject Notebooks$5.99$5.99CVS
Mead 2 Subject Notebook$3.99$3.99Target
Mead 3 Subject Notebooks$9.29$9.29CVS
Mead 5 Subject Notebooks$7.99$7.99Target
Mead 5 Subject Notebooks$10.49$10.49CVS
Mead Fashion 1 Subject Notebooks$2.99$2.99Office Depot/Office Max
Mead Index Cards, 100 ct$0.99$0.99KMart
Microban Scissors, 5"$3.00$3.00KMart*
Mini Calculator$0.94$0.94Walmart
Mini Composition or Memo Book 50 or 80 sheets6/$16/$1Office Depot/Office MaxWith In-Ad Coupon*
Mini school box Pencil Box$0.47$0.47Walmart
Mini stapler Stapler$0.97$0.97Walmart
Office Depot 1" Binder$3.99$3.99Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot 1/2" Binder$4.99$4.99Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot 12" Plastic Ruler$1.99$1.99Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot 12" Wooden Ruler$1.49$1.49Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot 2" Binder$8.99$8.99Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot 3 Subject Notebooks$4.39$4.39Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot 3" Binder$10.99$10.99Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot 5 Subject Notebooks$7.99$7.99Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Brand 3x5 Index Cards$1.19$1.19Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Brand Ballpoint Stick Pens, 10 pk$1.59$1.59Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Brand Composition Book$2.99$2.99Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Brand Portfolios, 10 pk$1.00$1.00Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Brand Stellar 1-Subject Notebook$2.00$2.00Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Calculator$3.79$3.79Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Compass$1.99$1.99Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Loose Leaf Paper, 150 ct$2.49$2.49Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Paper Pocket Folders$0.49$0.49Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Paper Pocket Folders with Prongs$0.49$0.49Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Plastic Folders with Prongs$0.99$0.99Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Protractor$2.39$2.39Office Depot/Office Max
Office Depot Tabbed Dividers, 5 ct$1.49$1.49Office Depot/Office Max
Oval Pencil Sharpener$1.00$1.00KMart*
Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencils, 2pk$3.97$3.97Walmart*
Paper Mate Highlighters, 6pk$0.99$0.99Office Depot/Office Max*
Paper Mate InkJoy ballpoint, 8/pk$1.00$1.00Staples
Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils, 1 or 2pk$3.99$3.99Office Depot/Office Max*
Paper Mate Profile Pens, 4pk$2.77$2.77Walmart*
Paper Non-Pronged Folders$0.17$0.17Target
Paper Pocket Folders$0.17$0.17Walmart
Paper Pocket Folders$0.59$0.59KMart
Paper Pocket Folders$0.99$0.99Toys R Us
Paper Pocket Folders$0.15$0.15Staples
Paper Pocket Folders with Prongs$0.17$0.17Walmart
Paper Pocket Folders with Prongs$0.99$0.99KMart
Paper Pocket Folders with Prongs$0.50$0.50Dollar General
Paper Pocket Folders with Prongs$0.15$0.15Staples
Paper Pocket Folders with Prongs$0.87$0.87CVS
Paper Pronged Folders$0.17$0.17Target
Paper Reinforcement Tabs$1.68$1.68Walmart
Papermate Black Ink Pens, 10 ct$2.77$2.77CVS
Papermate Black, Red or Blue Ink Pens, 12 ct$2.99$2.99Toys R Us
Papermate Black, Red or Blue Pens, 10 ct$0.97$0.97Walmart
Papermate Black, Red or Blue Pens, 10 ct$0.97$0.97Walmart
Papermate Blue Ink Pens$2.77$2.77CVS
Papermate Eagle Stick Pens, 10 ct$1.02$1.02Target
Papermate Flair Pens 2 ct$2.99$2.99CVS*
Papermate Highlighters, thin (multicolor), 6 ct$3.79$3.79CVS
Papermate InkJoy Pens, 12 ct$4.39$4.39Target
Papermate InkJoy Pens, 24 ct$4.99$4.99Target
Papermate Mechanical Pencils, 20 ct$2.77$2.77Walmart
Papermate Mechanical Pencils, 5 ct$2.99$2.99Walgreens
Papermate Mechanical Pencils, 5ct$0.69$0.69CVS*
Papermate Pens, 10 ct$1.79$1.79Walgreens
Papermate Pink Pearl Erasers, 3 ct$1.49$1.49Target
Papermate Pink Pearl Erasers, 3 ct$1.48$1.48Walmart
Papermate Pink Pearl Erasers, 3 ct$1.79$1.79KMart
PaperPro Stapler$4.49$4.49Office Depot/Office Max
Pencil Box$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Pencil Box$0.99$0.99Toys R Us
Pencil Box$1.00$1.00Staples
Pencil Box$1.99$1.99CVS
Pencil Pouch$1.00$1.00Office Depot/Office Max
Pentel Mechanical Pencils, 2 ct$2.00$2.00KMart
Penway Colored Pencils, 24 ct$4.39$4.39Walgreens
Penway Markers, 10 ct$2.99$2.99Walgreens
Pilot G2 Pens, 5 ct$4.99$4.99CVS
Pilot G2, 2pk2/$52/$5Office Depot/Office Max*
Pilot gel pens$3.50$3.50Target*
Pink or White Pearl Erasers, 3ct$1.00$1.00KMart*
Pink Pearl Erasers$1.99$1.99CVS
Pink Pearl Erasers, 2 ct$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Pink Pearl Erasers, 3 ct$1.48$1.48Walmart
Pink Pearl Erasers, 3 ct$2.00$2.00Staples
Pink Pearl Pink Pearl Erasers, 3 ct$2.49$2.49Office Depot/Office Max
Plastic Folders with Prongs$0.50$0.50Walmart
Plastic Folders with Prongs$0.99$0.99Staples
Plastic Folders with Prongs$1.19$1.19CVS
Plastic Ruler$0.47$0.47Walmart
Plastic Storage Box$0.97$0.97Walmart
Playwright Markers, 10 ct$0.99$0.99Walgreens
PNY Attache 3 32GB USB 2.0 USB Flash Drive$8.99$8.99Staples*
Polka Dot Binder Pouch$1.00$1.00KMart*
Poly Composition Books$0.75$0.75Walmart
Poly Covered Notebooks$1.00$1.00Target
Poly Folders with Prongs$0.50$0.50Walmart
Poly Pocket Folders$0.50$0.50Target
Post-It 400-ct notes cube$4.00$4.00Target*
Post-It Notes$2.49$2.49Toys R Us
Post-It Notes$2.99$2.99CVS
Post-It Notes, 3 ct$2.79$2.79Target
Post-It Notes, 4 ct$2.00$2.00Staples
Post-It Notes, 90 sheets$1.00$1.00Walmart
Post-It Post-It Notes, 2 ct$2.99$2.99Office Depot/Office Max
Purell Hand Sanitizer, 8 oz$2.69$2.69Target
Purell Hand Sanitzer, 8 oz$3.00$3.00Dollar General
Purell Hand Sanitzer, 8 oz$3.49$3.49Toys R Us
Purell Hand Sanitzer, 8 oz$4.99$4.99Office Depot/Office Max
RoseArt Colored Pencils, 12ct$1.00$1.00KMart*
Sandisk USB Flash Drive$9.99$9.99CVS*
Sandisk 16GB SDHC Card$9.99$9.99CVS*
SanDisk 32GB USB Flash Drive$12.99$12.99Office Depot/Office Max
Sandisk MicroSDHC Card$9.99$9.99CVS*
Schoolworks Scissors, 5"$0.50$0.50Walmart
Scissors, 5"$1.99$1.99Toys R Us
Scotch Scotch Tape$1.59$1.59Office Depot/Office Max
Scotch Magic 3/4 wide tape$1.37$1.37Target*
Scotch Scissors, 8"$7.99$7.99KMart
Scotch Scotch Tape$2.50$2.50Dollar General
Scotch Scotch Tape$2.27$2.27CVS
Scotch Tape$0.97$0.97Walmart
Scotch Tape$3.00$3.00Staples
Scotch Tape, 1 roll$2.29$2.29Target
Scotch Tape, 3 rolls$2.98$2.98Walmart
Scotch Tape, 3pk$3.00$3.00KMart*
Scotch Tape, 4 ct$3.34$3.34Target
Select Backpacks30% OffVariesTarget*
Select Fashion Compass and Protractors$1.99$1.99Rite Aid*
Select Fashion Composition Books$1.99$1.99Rite Aid*
Select Fashion Notebooks$1.99$1.99Rite Aid*
Select Fashion Writing Instruments$1.99$1.99Rite Aid*
Select HighlightersB1G1VariesRite Aid*
Select PencilsB1G1VariesRite Aid*
Select PensB1G1VariesRite Aid*
Sharpie Accent Highlighters, 4ct$3.00$3.00KMart
Sharpie EXPO Markers, 2 ct$2.99$2.99Walgreens
Sharpie Fine Marker, 1ct$0.99$0.99Walgreens
Sharpie fine or twin tip 1 ct $1$1.00$1.00CVS
Sharpie Highlighters, 10 ct$4.19Varies after netting gift cardTarget
Sharpie Highlighters, 2 ct$0.87Varies after netting gift cardTarget
Sharpie Highlighters, 2 ct$1.25$1.25Dollar General
Sharpie Highlighters, 2 ct$2.99$2.99Walgreens
Sharpie Highlighters, 3 ct$1.32Varies after netting gift cardTarget
Sharpie Highlighters, 4 ct$1.74$1.74Walmart
Sharpie Highlighters, 4 ct$3.99$3.99Office Depot/Office Max
Sharpie Highlighters, 5 ct$3.00$3.00Staples
Sharpie Highlighters, thin, 2 ct$3.99$3.99CVS
Sharpie Highlighters, wide (multicolor), 4 ct$3.99$3.99CVS
Sharpie Highlighters, wide (yellow), 2 ct$2.99$2.99CVS
Sharpie Pens, 2 ct $2.99$2.99CVS*
Sharpie Sharpies, 1 ct$1.79$1.79Office Depot/Office Max
Sharpie Sharpies, 2 ct$3.69$3.69Office Depot/Office Max
Sharpie Sharpies, 2 ct$2.79$2.79Walgreens
Sharpie Thin Highlighters, 4 ct$1.74$1.74Walmart
Sharpie, 8 ct$4.47$0.75/1 Sharpie Permanent Marker Product, exp. 9/20/15 (SS 07/26/15) [3-ct.+]
Final Price: $3.72
Sharpies, 1 ct$1.74$1.74Walmart
Sharpies, 1 ct$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Sharpies, 2 ct$1.97Varies after netting gift cardTarget
Sharpies, 2 ct$1.64$1.64Walmart
Sharpies, 2 ct$1.99$1.99KMart
Sharpies, 2 ct$2.50$2.50Dollar General
Sharpies, 2 ct$4.29$4.29Staples
Sharpies, 2 ct$3.99$3.99CVS
Simple Calculator$1.00$1.00Target
Single Sharpie Fine Marker$0.49$0.49Office Depot/Office Max*
Single Tape Rolls$1.00$1.00Target
Sliding Pencil Case$0.47$0.47Walmart
Snack ContainersB1G1VariesRite Aid*
Spiral Notebooks$0.25$0.25Target
Stapler$3.00$3.00Dollar General
Staples$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Staples #2 Wooden Pencils, 12 ct$0.68$0.68Staples
Staples #2 Yellow Pencils, 48 ct$7.00$7.00Staples
Staples 1-subject notebook$0.25$0.25Staples
Staples 1" Binder$2.99$2.99Staples
Staples 1/2" Binder$3.99$3.99Staples
Staples 2" Binder$6.99$6.99Staples
Staples 3 Subject Notebooks$2.29$2.29Staples
Staples 3" Binder$10.99$10.99Staples
Staples Calculator$5.00$5.00Staples
Staples filler paper, 120 sheets$0.75$0.75Staples
Staples Glue Bottle, 4 oz$0.50$0.50Staples
Staples Glue Sticks, 4 ct$1.00$1.00Staples
Staples Hand Sanitzer, 8 oz$1.69$1.69Staples
Staples instant hand sanitizer, 8 oz$1.69$1.69Staples*
Staples Manual Pencil Sharpener$0.80$0.80Staples
Staples notebook, poly cover$0.50$0.50Staples
Staples pencil box$1.00$1.00Staples
Staples Pink Wedge Erasers, 3/pk$0.69$0.25Staples
Staples School Glue, 4 oz., with Stick$0.50$0.50Staples
Staples Tabbed Dividers$8.79$8.79Staples
Staples, 1000 ct$0.97$0.97Walmart
Sterlite Smalll Pencil Box$0.97$0.97Target
Supplies Box$0.69$0.69Walgreens
Swingline Anywhere stapler with built-in staple remover$4.00$4.00Target*
Swingline Stapler$6.00$6.00Staples
Swingline Stapler$10.79$10.79CVS
Swingline Staples, 5000 ct$3.79$3.79Office Depot/Office Max
Swingling Stapler$4.59$4.59Target
Swingling Stapler$5.97$5.97Walmart
SwissGear Student Backpack$10.00$10.00Office Depot/Office Max
Tabbed Dividers, 5 ct$0.47$0.47Walmart
Tabbed Dividers, 5 ct$0.80$0.80Dollar General
Texas Insruments TI-84 Calculator$115.00$115.00Walmart
Texas Instruments T1-84 Caclulator$129.99$129.99Target
Texas Instruments TI-84 Graphing Calculator - TI$119.99$119.99Office Depot/Office Max
Thermos Lunchbox$9.99$9.99Staples
TI 83 Plus Graphing Calculator - TI$96.00$96.00Walmart
Ticonderoga My First Pencil, 2 ct$1.42$1.42Walmart
Ticonderoga Pencils2/$52/$5Office Depot/Office Max*
Ticonderoga Pencils, 10 ct$2.79$2.79CVS
Ticonderoga Pencils, 12 ct$2.94$2.94Target
Ticonderoga Pencils, 12 ct$2.99$2.99Toys R Us
TIconderoga Pencils, 12 ct$2.00$2.00Staples
Ticonderoga Pencils, 24 ct$3.99$3.99Target
Ticonderoga Pencils, 24 ct$5.29$5.29KMart
Ticonderoga Pencils, 24 ct$5.79$5.79CVS
Ticonderoga Pencils, Sharpened, 10 ct$2.44$2.44Walmart
Ticonderoga Pencils, Sharpened, 30 ct$5.97$5.97Walmart
Ticonderoga Sharpened Pencils, 30 ct$8.59$8.59Target
Ticonderoga Ticonderoga Pencils, 10 ct$2.99$2.99Walgreens
Ticonderoga Ticonderoga Pencils, 24 ct$5.79$5.79Walgreens
Ticonderoga wood pencils$2.50$2.50Target*
Trailmaker Classic Backpack$9.99$9.99CVS
Trapper Keeper ProductsB1G1 50% OffVariesRite Aid*
tug Manual Pencil Sharpener$1.29$1.29Office Depot/Office Max
up & up #2 Wooden Pencils, 24 ct$1.29$1.29Target
up & up #2 Wooden Pencils, 8 ct$0.54$0.54Target
up & up #2 Wooden Pencils, sharpened, 24 ct$2.49$2.49Target
up & up #2 Wooden Pencils, sharpened, 40 ct$4.00$4.00Target
up & up 1" Binder$2.49$2.49Target
up & up 2 Hole Pencil Sharpener$0.99$0.99Target
up & up 400-sheet 8.5x11 printer paper$3.50$3.50Target*
up & up 5" Scissors$1.47$1.47Target
up & up 5" Scissors, 2 ct$2.27$2.27Target
up & up Colored Pencils, 12 ct$0.74$0.74Target
up & up Colored Pencils, 24 ct$2.64$2.64Target
up & up Compass + Protractor$1.99$1.99Target
up & up Crayons, 24 ct$1.19$1.19Target
up & up Dry Erase Markers, 10 ct black$6.29$6.29Target
up & up Dry Erase Markers, 10 ct multi$6.99$6.99Target
up & up Glue Sticks, 2 ct$0.30$0.30Target
up & up Hand Sanitizer, 8 oz$1.89$1.89Target
up & up Index Cards, 100 ct$0.49$0.49Target
up & up Mini Stapler$1.99$1.99Target
up & up Pencil Sharpener$0.69$0.69Target
up & up Pens, 50 ct$3.99$3.99Target
up & up Pink Erasers, 2 ct$0.49$0.49Target
up & up Plastic Pencil Case$1.14$1.14Target
up & up Plastic Pencil Pouch$0.99$0.99Target
up & up Plastic Ruler$1.92$1.92Target
up & up Poly Portfolio Folders$0.50$0.50Target
up & up Poly Slider Pencil Box$0.69$0.69Target
up & up School Glue, 4 oz$0.47$0.47Target
up & up Tape, 3 ct$3.04$3.04Target
up & up Thin Markers, 10 ct$0.74$0.71Target
up & up Washable Crayons, 24 ct$2.22$2.22Target
up & up Wide Markers, 10 ct$0.74$0.71Target
USA Gold #2 Wooden Pencils, 10 ct$1.84$1.84Walmart
USA Gold #2 Wooden Pencils, 48 ct$5.97$5.97Walmart
USB Flash Drive, 16 GB$6.97$6.97Walmart
USB Flash Drive, 8GB$10.99$10.99Staples
Wescott 12" Plastic Ruler$2.00$2.00Staples
Westcott 12" Wood Ruler, Beveled Edge$0.35$0.35Staples
Westcott battery operated pencil sharpener$4.00$4.00Target*
Westcott Blunt Tip 5" Kid’s Scissors$1.00$1.00Staples
Westcott Scissors, 5"$1.00$1.00Dollar General
Westcott Scissors, 7-8"$1.50$1.50Dollar General
Westcott Scissors, 7-8"$3.00$3.00Staples
Westcott Ultra Soft$3.00$3.00KMart*
Wexford #2 Wooden Pencils, 20 ct$0.99$0.99Walgreens
Wexford #2 Yellow Pencils, 8 ct$2.19$2.19Walgreens
Wexford 1 Subject Notebooks, 70 sheets$1.69$1.69Walgreens
Wexford 1" Binder$2.29$2.29Walgreens
Wexford 1" View Binder$4.29$4.29Walgreens
Wexford 2-Pocket Paper Folder6/$16/$1Office Depot/Office MaxWith In-Ad Coupon*
Wexford 3 Subject Notebooks, 120 sheet$0.99$0.99Walgreens
Wexford 5-Subject, 180 sheets$0.99$0.99Walgreens
Wexford Binders, 1-3"B1G1VariesOffice Depot/Office Max*
Wexford Binders, 1-3in"$2.29 - $4.39$2.29 - $4.39Walgreens
Wexford Cap Erasers, 15 ct0.79$0.79Walgreens
Wexford Composition Book, 80 sheets$0.99$0.99Office Depot/Office Max*
Wexford Composition Book, 80 sheets$0.69$0.69Walgreens
Wexford Dry Erase Markers, 4 ct$0.99$0.99Walgreens
Wexford Filler Paper, 130 sheets$1.99$1.99Walgreens
Wexford Filler Paper, 280 sheets $1.99$1.99Walgreens
Wexford Glue Stick, 1 ct Jumbo$1.69$1.69Walgreens
Wexford Glue Sticks, 3 ct$1.99$1.99Walgreens
Wexford Highlighters, 3 ct$1.99$1.99Walgreens
Wexford Highlighters, 5 ct$0.99$0.99Walgreens
Wexford Index Cards, 3x5 in, 100pk$0.49$0.49Office Depot/Office Max*
Wexford Index Dividers with Pocket, 5 ct$0.99$0.99Walgreens
Wexford Ink Pens, 20 ct$1.99$1.99Walgreens
Wexford Mechanical Pencils, 30 ct$1.99$1.99Walgreens
Wexford Paper Pocket Folders$0.49$0.49Walgreens
Wexford Pencil Sharpener$0.49$0.49Office Depot/Office Max*
Wexford Pencil Sharpener$0.99$0.99Walgreens
Wexford Pink Erasers, 2 ct$0.79$0.79Walgreens
Wexford Plastic Folders with Prongs$1.89$1.89Walgreens
Wexford Plastic Pencil Box$1.79$1.79Walgreens
Wexford Pocket Folders with prongs0.49$0.49Walgreens
Wexford Poly Binder, 1in$0.69$0.69Walgreens
Wexford Scissors, 5"$1.99$1.99Walgreens
Wexford Scotch Tape$3.69$3.69Walgreens
Wexford Sheet Protector, 10pk$0.69$0.69Walgreens
Wexford Sheet Protectors$0.49$0.49Office Depot/Office Max*
Wexofrd Index Cards 100 ct$1.19$1.19Walgreens
Wide-Ruled or College-Ruled Reinforced Paper, 100 sheets$1.97$1.97Walmart*
Wilson Jones 1/2" Binder$3.49$3.49Office Depot/Office Max
Wilson Jones 2" Binder$11.99$11.99Office Depot/Office Max
Wilson Jones Clean View 1" Binder$5.49$5.49Office Depot/Office Max
Wilson Jones Poly Flex Fashion 1" Binder$2.59$2.59Office Depot/Office Max
Wintec Filemate 8 gig USB Flash Drive$4.49$4.49Walmart
Wooden #2 Pencils, 20 ct$0.97$0.97Walmart
Wooden #2 Pencils, 8 ct$0.47$0.47Walmart
Wooden or Shatterproof Ruler$0.50$0.50KMart*
Wooden Ruler$0.50$0.50Target
Wooden Ruler$0.25$0.25Walmart
Wow RT Ball Point Pents, 5pk$2.50$2.50KMart*
Xerox Multipurpose Paper, 500 Sheets$4.99$4.99CVS*