*CLOSED* Back To School Giveaway: Crocs Shoes (4 Winners)

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Are you up this morning and ready for our NEXT Back to School Giveaway?  This is one that I know that you will all love ….. Crocs!  This company has really grown over the past few years – and they have so many options for cool back to school shoes!! My kids love their crocs. It took me a long time before I ever bought them for my kids.  However, since we’ve bought them, they are my kids’ favorite shoes! What I love is the easy clean up — and what kids DOESN’T get their shoes dirty???

The Prize: This giveaway will have FOUR winners… who will each get their choice of ONE pair of crocs from Crocs.com. (this excludes any shoes from the YOU line…but includes all others on the site)

Here’s How to Enter:


1.  Visit the Crocs.comwebsite and tell me – what is your favorite Crocs shoe?  You have to check out their site and then COME BACK HERE to leave the comment (there is not any way to enter on Crocs website).


1. Follow Penny Pinchin’ Mom on a reader, daily e-mail digest or on Facebook.

2.  Follow Crocs on Facebook  and/or Twitter and add an entry as comment below.

This giveaway is part of the Back to School Giveaway Bonanza that has 12 bloggers providing our readers several chances to win some wonderful prizes. You can easily increase your odds of winning by stopping by each of these blogs and completing the required and/or bonus entry question….so be sure to check back several times each day to see if there is a new giveaway posted for you to enter — making sure to stop by ALL of the blogs so you can have multiple chances to win some amazing prizes:

This contest will remain open for 5 days – until August 14th at 7:00 a.m. CST.  At that time, comments will be closed and winners will be chosen. The winner will be notified within 7 – 14 days to get product information, confirm the shipping address and details …..Good luck!

Penny Pinchin’ Mom received shoes for her review from Crocs.The opinions contained within this post are that of Penny Pinchin’ Mom and were not in any way influenced by Crocs nor any other party. Please review our Facebook page for the official terms of the giveaway.


  1. Leanne says

    I would LOVE the Dawson for Brenna, they would be the perfect shoes to start preschool with!! 🙂

  2. Kara Kilmer says

    I would take the modi flips in expresso/Khaki color. There kids line are so cute too.

  3. Liz A. says

    I follow you on facebook, like Crocs on facebook, and like the keely on crocs site,. the keeleys are perfect little girly girl shoes.

  4. Margett says

    oh to just pick one….
    My daughter grows out of shoes so quickly and she picked out the Dawson shoes for winter time and Dawson Mary Janes to head back to school in style!

  5. Megan says

    I love the new crockbands! I think we will definately have to try some! 🙂 But my boys especially my 2 year old love that they can put their sandles on “by mine” as Owen would say. 🙂 Great shoes and easy to clean!

  6. Monica says

    I would pick the Classic Crocs. I love that my kids can slip the shoes on and off by themselves!

  7. Jill says

    I love love love the Mammoth Crocs. I live in Minnesota and these are great year round shoes to slip on and off and keep our tootsies warm!

  8. Sarah P says

    With cold weather around the corner my little boy would LOVE the Kid’s Blitzen Polar style

  9. Michelle F says

    I’ve never owned Crocs for myself, so I would start with something simple — the Crocband Flip in Espresso.

  10. Heather Butrick says

    Love the Genna style croc for my daughter….any color! They are so versatile! 🙂

  11. Laura Forgione says

    I love the Crocband Gust, they are so cute. Grandson would look wonderful in them

  12. Laura Forgione says

    I do follow Penny Pinchin Mom everyday, I am one so I love what you have to offer us everyday. Thank you

  13. Maggie Wallenslager says

    Crocband Sneaks are my fav! the ones in navy and red for my son would be AWESOME! 🙂

  14. Lonnita Carter says

    I would purchase the SpongeBob & Patrick Kids’ Classic for my 2 yr old son. He loves some SpongeBob.

  15. Debra Louden says

    I love the classic crocs. Wear them every day until I get a hole in the bottom and then I buy another.

  16. says

    LOVE the crocband sneakers!!! Crocs are the only type of shoes my one and a half year old daughter will wear. The sneakers are SO cute!!! My absolute fav!

  17. Sarah says

    I love the ones with animals on them for my kids – the unicorn one for my daughter & the dragon one for my son!

  18. Eliza Klinger says

    I like the Casey Crocs for me because they look very classy. For my daughter, I like the Keeley and add some butterfly jibbitz to make them look special. My son would probably like the Crocband Gust in blue. they are unique and stylish!

  19. says

    Great giveaway! I like the Crocband Sneak Kids…adorable with shorts or kakhi’s and a dress top for my little man 😉

  20. Aimee Luck says

    The wrapped Mary Jane in Bijou Blue /Black will go great with jeans in the fall. I love them.

  21. says

    The crocbands are so sporty!! I have a little boy who wears braces and Crocs are the only thing we’ve found that we can get on over his braces. They are a godsend.

  22. Jill says

    We love the Classics in our house and love to accessorize with the Jibbitz! Tried venturing out and bought my son the Electro Slide and Toy Story crocs, but he didn’t think they were “Crocs” and we had to trade them in for the Classics!

  23. nikki wilson says

    I love the Boaz, Gust, Taylor and Dawson for boys. My son is need of a pair since the rest of us have some.

  24. Beth Ann says

    I love the Crocsband Gust for my son… he has a pair of the classic Crocs but is outgrowing them and I think he’d love this new style!

  25. Karen L. says

    I would love to win the navy crocbands for my son. I follow penny pinchin mom via email, & on FB>>>>I ‘like’ crocs on FB too!

  26. Gloria Brown says

    My daughters would love the Gennas. My youngest especially since the ones pictured are purple, her favorite color!!

  27. Nicole says

    I love my flip-flop croc (can’t remember specific style) and I just heard it is being discontinued.

  28. Shannon Driscoll Stout says

    I like the Florence sandal…probably would get the expresso/bubblegum (pink) color!

  29. tiedyed78 says

    My favorite is the original style. They are easy to wear, so comfortable, and come in funky awesome colors (bright purple, orange, and red!).
    I love the Genna style for my daughter, they are adorable!
    I recently ordered a pair of the Celeste style in canvas! I am so excited about these because I don’t wear leather which makes it tough to find great shoes sometimes. I am so excited about these!

  30. Melanie says

    I would love to have the Crocsband Sneaks for my daughter. She’s going into preschool and they can’t wear any sandals. These would be perfect!

  31. Heather Young says

    For me, my favorite are the Women’s Wrapped Mary Jane! 🙂
    For my son, my favorite are RealTree Crosstrail!

    Love crocs & wear them almost everyday!!!!

  32. says

    I really like the Lily, for myself, haha… but for my little girl who will be starting school soon I’d have to go with the Genna (toss up between that and the Mackenzie).

  33. Christine Bonds says

    My favorite shoe is the glow in the dark unicorn. My daughter is crazy for unicorns.

  34. Heather Browne says

    The girls collection is so cute. I loved the Juant or Mary Jane, but I think my daughter would love the Dora ones.

  35. nikki E says

    Too many cute styles to choose from. I like the women’s crocband flat in navy blue and red.

  36. eunice b says

    I’m eyeing up the Blitzen Corduary crocs….look so cozy and comfy for winter!

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @ gmail. com

  37. Becky says

    Can’t click through your page to the Crocs website but I know I would like the wrapped mary janes for me and I love most of the children’s kinds to please my little ones.

  38. says

    my fave style for me would be the nanook or wrapped mary jane. but i am loving those crocbrands sneakers for my little boy!

  39. Jen Cochran says

    I love the Wrapped Mary Janes and the Nanooks. Do you think the fur on the Nanooks would get nasty from foot sweat?

  40. Lauren says

    I would choose the crocband sneak or gust for my son and the wrapped mary jane for myself! We are in love with crocs! They are so comfortable!

  41. Jill says

    WE LOVE CROCS AT OUR HOUSE!!! My son is ready for a new pair and we would love to try out the new crocbands!

  42. Jennifer says

    My favorite for my daughter are the Keeley in Bubblegum/Fuchsia and for me the Malindi in Oyster

  43. Tricia says

    I want a new pair of “winter” crocs so the snow won’t get in the holes on my beach crocs.

  44. Beth says

    I think I would get the Sneak in b/w for my son – so cute! The Keeley would be adorable for my daughter… So I guess I would have to get both!!

  45. Jennifer LF says

    I love the Crocband Sneak Kids. I did not realize the amount of crocs that were available.

  46. courtney says

    i would love to try the dawsons for my daughter – don’t currently own any crocs…:( so please pick us!!! thanks much for this opportunity!

  47. Laura Ranck says

    I had never seen the crossband sneakers before this so I would def. pick those. They look awesome.

  48. Ann Moore says

    I would like for myself… the Blitzen Polar in Chocolate/Bubble Gum. If I were picking for my daughter it would have to be… the Kids Blitzen Polar … also in Chocolate/Bubble Gum!

  49. Molly Catanzarite says

    still love those mamouth crocs in the winter!!! i’m already a crocs fan on facebook.

  50. lise says