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DaySpring has been focused on providing hope and encouragement every day, everywhere for the last 40 years. Now, with the DaySpring Back to School faith-based products, this hope and encouragement can continue in the hallways of every school.
They are excited to bring together 25 influential bloggers to help you send your childrenBack to School with Purpose.” Their products are now available at Walmart, too!

We were thrilled with our school supplies, they are very nice quality. Even more important, I love that I’m sending my boys to school with Christian based products.   We are starting our very first year of kindergarten here.  There can be so many negative influences school, that it is good to help show your child what is the right way to do things.

The Prize: DaySpring is offering $100 in their Back to School with a Purpose supplies to one lucky reader.  Entry is simple – one requried and up to two bonus entries!


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  1. Sarah B says

    My daughter is just starting kindergarten this year but we have always taught her to be kind to others and set a good example for her brothers and other children.

  2. Shelby says

    These are awesome supplies, I cannot wait to get my kids some! I love sending them to school with Christian t-shirts, jewelry, etc. Thankfully they can wear them and you never know who they might reach 🙂

  3. Emily says

    We pray in the car on the way to school. My dd has notebooks and a pencil case with Bible verses on them.

  4. Angela says

    teaching my daughter to be LOVING and KIND and what that means. To be helpful, sharing, speaking kindly.. etc.

  5. Amy L. says

    My daughter will be in 3rd grade this year and after giving her a hug at school I always tell her, “Be a good friend”

  6. Laura says

    I pray with my kids usually in the car on the way to school. We pray that God would give them opportunities to be a loving, generous friend and helpful to their teachers.

  7. Crystal O. says

    Every morning I tell my son in the car like to make sure he treats others nicely or be polite in the classroom.

  8. Maggie Wallenslager says

    we teach our kids to be kind to others and to not be ashamed to pray at a meal, no matter where you are at, even at school

  9. Stephanie M says

    I send the kids to school with the purpose of always be proud of themselves no matter what and always feel special 🙂

  10. Brianne C. says

    I always pray with my son b/f school everyday, and I also send up a prayer for him when he get’s out of the car for school. We are a Christian family, and the one of the most important things I try to instill in my son is treat others the way you would like to be treated, and never be ashamed of your God! 🙂

  11. Lorrie Eubanks says

    I really like the idea of back to school with a purpose. I try to explain to my kids how all the decisions they make now will affect what kind of adults they come to be. I want them to be their best, not just with grades on their report cards, but to look their best, treat other people how they want to be treated, and to stay who they are not what other people may want them to be. And last but not least to be proud of who they are.

  12. Karen L. says

    I donate school supplies, and outgrown uniforms…and I teach my kids that everyone at some point in time needs a hand…If you lend a hand when needed, there will be a hand for you to grab onto when you do…

    I ‘like’ dayspring’ and follow you both on facebook & email

  13. Sonia says

    Living in Michigan where so many families are struggling I think it’s important for my kids to know that everything they have is a blessing from God and to take nothing – even new school supplies – for granted. The Adopt a Classroom program by DaySpring is a great idea and I plan to support it with or without winning this prize!

  14. says

    My daughter is entering 7th grade and we have really stressed not just to be nice to everyone, but especially other girls. The cattiness is outrageous in middle school so we encourage her to set a good example and accept people for who they are.

  15. Stephanie Crisp says

    I am sending my baby girl to a Christian preschool class in hopes that she will grow roots to help her through the rest of her journey’s. It is tough to be a kid now and face all of those challenges and being a follower of Christ is only one generation away from being extinct. I want my daughter’s grandbabies to know what I believe and what she believes and have faith.

  16. Kendra Wensing says

    What a great idea! I love how this helps others that are unfortunate and we all know how expensive school supplies can be! Keep up the great work DaySpring!

  17. Meghan Catagnus says

    We send our daughter to Catholic school in hopes that she will learn that everything in this world is a gift from God. Last year she learned so much in the preK class – everything from being nice to everyone no matter what to learning about how Martin Luther King’s dream came true in an age appropriate way. We also made sure we donated to most of the causes the school had fundraisers for in an effort to show her that we can all help even in little ways. We are not a very active Catholic practicing family – but I want my kids to have a good base to start with so they can form thier our beliefs and values later.

  18. Mindi says

    We discuss the importance of treating others how we want to be treated, and to never judge!

  19. Michele J says

    I send my kids to school with a purpose by reminding them they are there to do several things… learn, be respectful, and be a leader.

  20. Jennifer LF says

    We teach our child to treat others how you would want to be treated. We try to teach him to be patient and to have acceptance.

  21. says

    I teach them never to bow to peer pressure and to be above this and think for themselves and to be leaders not followers
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  22. Gloria Stewart says

    I tell my kids to have a great day ,I love them all my heart and be good and when you get home i want to know all about it! Good and bad!! And learn, learn ,learn

  23. diane says

    My daughter will be part of a Gen. Ed/Spec Ed combination class this year. We have talked extensively about being patient, kind and compassionate to others all while working hard

  24. Lynda H. says

    I follow you on facebook. I pray for my children daily that they will grow up to love the Lord with all their heart, mind and soul.

  25. Judy B says

    I have never heard of their website and am so glad I checked it out! I want my girls to live for HIM and be proud of who they are and how they were created. These products are great and wonderful reminders to children throughout their days when temptations can arise and remind them to be true to themselves and the Lord! God Bless!

  26. Cameron says

    I tell them how much I love them and then I pray for them on a daily basis that I guide them to make the right decisions

  27. Heather C. says

    My daughter is not old enough to attend school yet. I would send these with her though. What a great way to send a silent message!

  28. Harmony says

    My son starts kindergarden this year and it would be wonderful to send him with Christian school supplies!

  29. K.W. Grant says

    My K and 4th grader started today and they were encouraged to keep J.O.Y in their hearts: J- Jesus
    O- others
    Y- yourself
    this was my motto for the work day as well.

  30. debbie says

    We send our school encouraging them to show God’s love to others. What a wonderful way it would be to send them with Day Spring!!

  31. Shannon Driscoll Stout says

    My daughter is just 2, but we practice ‘school’ at home so she can mimick what we do in her daycare. We’ve talked about hugging/helping someone when they are hurt or need help. I was elated when a few days later my daughter’s teacher told me she helped someone who was sad when his mom left and another who was crying when she hurt herself. This all goes along with treating others as you would like to be treated.

  32. Sandy says

    We want our children to go back to school respecting themselves and their peers and authority.

  33. Krysten says

    I encourage my kids to be the best that they can be, regardless of what anyone else does around them!

  34. Nikki Wilson says

    We pray in the morning on the way to school. We go without the radio and just enjoy one another’s company.

  35. Linda S says

    We teach our kids to always respect their teachers and peers. Treat others like we would want to be treated. We also tell them to always do what they want to do and not let others talk them out of it.

  36. Christine Bonds says

    I send my daughter to school with the motto “to have a friend you have to be a friend”.

  37. Brandi says

    I send my kids to school everyday with a purpose to be a great friend to everyone. To not judge people because of their color, money, or looks. I teach my kids that everyone is the same and everyone deserves to be treated with respect. I wish there were more parents out there that taught thier kids to stop judging others. We are all here to live together.

  38. says

    some of the ways we try to send our daughter to school with purpose is to discuss some ways during the day that she can live/share her faith. we pray with her each morning before she leaves on the school bus. and we talk about how having a good attitude, being respectful and treating others well (not just her teachers) is a great witness to those around her

  39. Milian Ortiz says

    My daughter is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks and I hope to send her off with scriptures and prayer before she starts her day.

  40. Tania S. says

    We send our children back to school with the purpose to find someone who does not seem to have a friend and be nice to them. To love others.

  41. Linda Long says

    My son is no longer in school but the teaching never stops. I find I need to remain an example for him even though he is now married and has a child.

  42. Anna says

    I teach my children to treat all others as they would like to be treated and to stand up for those they see wronged.

  43. Sarah Ulfers says

    Since I have girls that struggle in school, I try to instill in them that doing your best is more important than being the best.

  44. Tonia L. says

    I tell them to respect themselves and others. Always give your best effort. God loves you and so do we! 🙂

  45. Kristi C says

    I try to make sure my children understand that everyone needs to be treated with dignity and that they have to work hard in school.

  46. lizi serrano says

    i tell my two small kids to be kind to everyone… and always talk to the shy kids and it really helps them for relationships and teaches them to be nurturing

  47. Eliza Klinger says

    I would like my son to have the purpose of being a good friend and being nice to everyone. He needs a friend and I hope others will be nice to him too.

  48. Elizabeth Sue says

    I homeschool my daughter, so therefore I don’t “send” her to school, so I hope this entry counts. But, I “school” with a purpose by keeping Christ the focus of our day.

    • Elizabeth Sue says

      I just looked at that comment and I wrote it kind of snippy so I apologize, I didn’t mean it as such. No more commenting from me before morning coffee. Thanks PP Momma!

  49. Maggie M. says

    We pray each morning as a family right before he gets in the car to protect him and guide him, his words, actions, deeds!
    Thank you!
    Maggie M.

  50. Myriam says

    I love Day Spring as I get their cards every week with wonderful devotions. I remind my son that bad company corrupts good character and not to be influenced by things or behaviors that would cause him to suffer later.

  51. Jill Dupre says

    Teach children good values and to love one another and they will go far in life and in school. 🙂

  52. Anna says

    my daughter is too young for school, but as i instruct her at home i always try to teach her how to be kind and care for others!

  53. Myriam says

    love Day Spring as I get their cards every week with wonderful devotions. I remind my son that bad company corrupts good character and not to be influenced by things or behaviors that would cause him to suffer later.

  54. Katherine M says

    I give my kids a challenge each day of school such as “make someone laugh”, “thank a teacher/staff member just because”, “say hi to a shy kid”, etc.

  55. Stephanie says

    Using the time in the car on the way home intentionally by encouraging them to share about their day.

  56. angela says

    I encouraage my children to remember the phrase “what would Jesus do” WWJD before the react to something everyday.


    We challenge our little girl to always be the better person and remind her none of us our perfect. There has only been one perfect man in the world and he is the one we worship.

  58. Angela Sheeler says

    my girls would go to school with purpose. They ar eentering middle school with is going to be hard . The quotes from School with a purpose will assure my girls everything is a-ok

  59. Laura Ranck says

    We remind our children to be the example for others to follow just the same as Christ is our example that we should be more like him. We pray for them everyday.

  60. Crystal says

    I try to inspire him by lead the way by examples. I try to get him to be the best that he can be!

  61. Brooke says

    I am going to send my child to school and try and help him understand to respect others and treat them the way he wants to be treated

  62. shelley gallope says

    my son starts kindergarten and just like pre k we will say prayers before he goes to school and ask God to help us make good choice and be kind towards others. Our purpose is to honor God in all that we do.

  63. Terri Sue Borden says

    i’m a reader. my granddaughter is still too young for school but i will be sending my husband backt to school. he works at the university of texas at arlington. he takes his faith with him where ever he goes. he is especially open around the students and faculty. i think these products on his desk would have a real impact.

  64. karen says

    My kids both go to a Christian school and each morning I remind them to let Christ’s light shine through them in all they do that day.

  65. Stacy says

    I always send my kids off with a positive attitude. I tell them to treat others with respect and how they would like to be treated.

  66. Lauren Peterson says

    My kids go to school with a purpose because they’ve picked out their own supplies and can’t wait to use them for their work.

  67. Isabelle says

    I always make sure that the kids have extra of things just incase there are others without enough. They can give or share what ever is neeeded.

  68. Dealapprentice says

    I make sure they share things with everyone and they are nice and sweet and be an example like Jesus Christ.

  69. Bunny says

    I send my kids off knowing that they need to pay attention in class and study hard along with showing respect for their teachers and fellow students.

  70. Priya says

    I am goin to send my child to school telling her that she needs to do her best and have fun ….

  71. jeanine says

    we homeschool. we start our year with purpose by refocusing our eyes on the Lord and the plans He has for our year.

  72. Christie Multhaup says

    Every morning in our home begins with prayer, and I encourage my son to behave in a way pleasing to the Lord.

  73. Kristine W says

    I tell my first grader to stand a little taller in what she believes in. It will help her know what to do in sticky situations if she already has the right response.

  74. Kimberly Woodard says

    I have a son starting HS this year, so some of these inspirational quotes on the spiral and composition books would be a great reminder during this age. The water bottles are great also.

  75. Sarah Anderson says

    I talk to my daughter about pursuing her dreams and how school plays a role in that.

  76. Renee Benson says

    The way I send my son back to school with a purpose is to prepare him with all of the supplies he needs for class…he also helps gather things for backpacks with supplies to give to our church…

  77. Lindsay says

    I try to teach my daughter to be kind to all the kids in school, even the ones who aren’t so kind to her. Often they are the ones who need it the most.

  78. Amy B says

    I want to enter the dayspring giveaway. I send them back with a purpose by having them set goals at the beginning of the year.

  79. briannon morris says

    We send our lil ones to school knowing that we are always 100% behind them no matter what

  80. Mitzi Cunningham says

    We set goals in three areas – academic, social and physical before each school year.

  81. Tessa says

    I will be sending my first off to Kindergarten this year with much encouragement and continued faith building.

  82. lisa says

    i always send our kids to school with telling them “just try your best” that is all you need to do.

  83. Barb says

    As homeschoolers, my kids have a purpose and that is to be equipped to defend the Gospel against all attacks by studying history, science, etc., from a Biblical worldview.

  84. Amy Goodwin says

    My daughter goes to church every Sunday and we discuss what goes on and what she learned…thats how she goes to school with a purpose.

  85. sarah says

    I hadn’t really thought about it… I’ve been so focused in figuring out how to be able to send my kids to our church’s christian school that I haven’t really talked with them about why that is the choice we are making… and what a privilege it is to be able to share your faith and learn about God everyday at school. Thanks for this reminder.

  86. Megan says

    My kiddos are too young for school, school, but I’m neighborhood Mom / friend to several kids in our community…we had Backyard Bible Club at our house this summer and finished out (in part) by giving away some backpacks and school supplies to some of the kids and in praying for all of them. We live in a rougher part of the city and there is SO much prayer that needs to be poured out for them!

  87. Emily says

    I try to send my kids to school, instilling confidence in them to help them overcome some of their anxieties.

  88. Grace says

    I’m sending my child back to a Christian school so she can continue to learn and know Christ in addition to at home and church!

  89. Caroline says

    i’ll encourage them to be loving and compassionate and to encourage others to be the same.

  90. krista says

    My husband will be driving them to school. They will be doing devotionals in the car on the way to school. So they will know start with God and have an awesome day.

  91. Christi says

    I try to make sure my children know that they are their own person and it is easier to be a follower than a leader but anything in life that is worth having isn’t easy.

  92. Valerie says

    We send our kids to a Christian school… the school puts God first and is very warm and loving.

  93. Tanya says

    Send kids to school knowing they can accomplish anything they put thier mind to! They are wonderful kids!!!

  94. Stephanie G says

    I send my kids to school with purpose by teaching them to be bold in their faith and compassionate to their classmates

  95. Sonya Kasen says

    I send my girls to school with the knowledge that God is with them and it has come to light as my oldest has been trying to council some kids at school who have made bad choices and trying to help them onto the right path again

  96. Emily says

    We pray together as a family and also encourage our children to always treat others as they would want to be treated.

  97. Kristin says

    We always pray together before school, there is no better way to start off their day! 🙂

  98. jennifer says

    My daughter is going to kindergarten this year and we have chosen a christian school with the hope that she will live every day with purpose. God’s purpose in her life is very important.

  99. Jill O says

    We send our kids back to school with a purpose by teaching them to see others through Jesus’ eyes.

  100. Suzy Anderson says

    I plan to send my children off to school each day with God’s daily word in their hearts.

  101. mommyoftwoinmo says

    Start the day with prayer and be nice to all children especially those who are less fortunate than us. ~sharing~

  102. Amy D says

    I am sending my children to a Christian school this year, I am hoping to have an extra year of them being surrounded by people who share our values and beliefs before sending them to a public school next year.

  103. says

    In our homeschooling, we acknowledge that “studying” God is foundational and connected to the study of all other subjects. That’s how we school with purpose.

  104. Jennifer Mably says

    Although my kids are not little anymore, 13 year old entering ninth grade and an 11 year old entering 7th grade, they still are sent off every morning with a purpose. When we sit in the car, before we leave the garage, we pray. We pray for their day, their friends, and possibly anything “big” like tests or events that day. Their purpose is to trust God. I can’t be with them all the time anymore and God created them with a purpose. Thank you Dayspring for “brightening” my day. Every day can’t be a beautiful spring day, but it can be a Dayspring Day!”
    Jennifer M.

  105. Karen D says

    We are very big on getting our kids doing well in school so they can be productive, intelligent members of society. But they also know that their real purpose on this earth is to be faithful to God and be kind, thoughtful human beings to everyone. We would all be much better off if we were nice to one another…

  106. Anna C. says

    As a family we try to make moral choices and be helpful in our daily lives. We send our daughter out in into the world with positive energy and a helpful spirit. She so helpfully put hand soap in my pot of tea today and mixed it right up!

  107. Kim P says

    I send my son to school to learn and grow and know that God is with him.
    I remind him to treat others as he wants to be treated and to turn to God when he is not given the same courtesy.

  108. Shirley Mills says

    I Like them on facebook and checked out the site,Always liked penny pinchin mom..Great site.My Children go to school.To learn and To become successful in life.

  109. Amanda says

    My girls head off after a quick prayer for safety, peace, and an open mind. I think it helps to talk to God before the day begins…at least he’s on their minds when they walk through those big doors!!

  110. Cheri Marie says

    I send my children to school with Christ in their hearts and mind…I’ve taught them not to be ashamed of their faith or to hide it…but to be an inspiration to other children at their school by participating in prayer groups before school.

  111. Sheila says

    I am working hard on teaching my son that he should never judge a person by their appearance.

  112. Lina says

    I send him with a purpose so he knows that he has a choice in doing what he wants and won’t fall short.

  113. Anita A. says

    I teach my kids to treat people with kindness. I want them to treat people the way they want to be treated.

  114. Kathy Plant says

    We try to instill in our kids, the ability to see the needs around them. Maybe they can be a light to someone else who needs it.

  115. Christin says

    I actually bought some of this companys school 2 pocket folders for my daughter for school just tonight! They were really nice and a great way for her to show her faith. My kids would love these. Thanks for bleesing someone with these!

  116. says

    I have told them this year to be themselves and be the best they can be, school is their job right now and they should take pride in themselves and their work.

  117. Heidi says

    I’m sending my daughter to preschool reminding her that she has access anytime via prayer to the King of Kings!