*CLOSED* Back to School Giveaway: Flip Ultra HD Camcorder

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Here comes the next giveaway!!  We’re offering a Flip Ultra HD Camcorder (value of $199.99).  I’ve used my Flip camera for about 2 months and I LOVE it!!  What I love the most is that it fits into my purse.  It is great that I have it handy and can pull it out at a moment’s notice and capture anything I happen to see.

The way you download your videos onto your computer is so simple — you push a button and the USB port literally “flips” from the side.   You plug it in and are set!  I will caution that it can take quite a bit of time to get the video uploaded to YouTube, but I just do it before I have to do something, or go to bed and it just does it while I am busy.

Now, I have shared this video before, but I just love it (it really is one of my favorites), but this is my family this summer at a local campout.  I was able to keep this in my pocket the entire time and capture my kids….well….being kids!

Flip wants to give one of my readers a Flip Ultra HD camera as well!  Entry is simple — answer my one question for your required entry.  There are also 2 bonus entries that you can get as well — for a total of 3 entries on this giveaway.


1.  Visit Flip Ultra HD and check out the various ways to personalize your camera.  Then, come back HERE and leave your comment as to what you would do. Note that there is NOT any way to enter on the Flip website.  (Also note that the winner will receive either chrome or black – no personal customization).


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This giveaway is part of the Back to School Giveaway Bonanza that has 12 bloggers providing our readers several chances to win some wonderful prizes. You can easily increase your odds of winning by stopping by each of these blogs and completing the required and/or bonus entry questions:

This contest will remain open for 5 days – until August 16th. At that time, comments will be closed and a winner will be chosen. The winner will be notified within 7 – 14 days to confirm shipping address. Good luck!

Penny Pinchin’ Mom received a Flip Ultra HD camera.  The opinions contained within this post are that of Penny Pinchin’ Mom and were not in any way influenced by Flip Ultra HD other any other party. Please review our Facebook page for the official terms of the giveaway.


  1. libby says

    I see a lot of stick-ons to personalize… I think the smiley one is cute because it would make everyone you’re filming smile!

  2. Sarah B says

    I would totally personalize it with a cute picture of my kids! Awww that would be AWESOME!

  3. says

    I would love to video tape my son taking his first steps. He has been
    struggling a lot lately but , I’m sure he’ll get there very very soon!

  4. Regan Syres says

    I would get the underwater case. Being able to take my flip on the river would be awesome.

  5. Rhea Williamson says

    I would love to be able to video my son in the high school marching band and then be able to easily share the video with my family!

  6. Sara says

    I have so many things I would do with Flip video. First, I would document my daughter learning to talk so I can share with my sister who lives far away on the mission field. I would also use the camera at school with my students on projects. I am a FB fan of yours and of Flip. Sara Froese

  7. Denise says

    I would purchase the waterproof case. How cool would it be to video your kids underwater swimming???

  8. Karen L. says

    I would love to replace the one that stopped working this summer with the new Flip! I love to video my kids!!

  9. Carolyn Kirkman says

    If I could personalize my Flip I would have a picture of my sons and & pugs on it.

  10. Carolyn Kirkman says

    I am a follower of the “Flip” on FaceBook, my username on FB is Mommato2apug.

  11. Lainie Boruff says

    I follow you on facebook and I follow flip on facebook!

    I looked for customizeable options on that link, but all I found were some accessories. I totally want the underwater accessory!!!!

  12. says

    I would love to have a picture of my baby on mine….or wait maybe somethin’ fun like the flowers;}
    Thank you for the opprotunity!

  13. Michele & Sydney says

    My daughter and I LOVE LOVE LOVE flip flops, so we would probably cover the whole thing with pics of flip flops
    Maybe pictures of the kids!

  14. molly says

    Well, first I’d be activating that child proof button…LOL…but I’d love the tripod so we could record our son’s progress and post it on Facebook and Youtube for relatives!

  15. Trish says

    I would go for the underwater case because with all the swimming we do I would be sure to get some great shots.

  16. Hannah Forney says

    The wool covers look like a great way to personalize and I love the color choices.

  17. Kendra Wensing says

    Fan on FB…love the underwaterf feature & all the cool personalization choices! Better than a plain boring video recorder!

  18. Tammy says

    I would choose the Popular. And Good by Wicked! So cool!! Money would go to help a wonderful cause.

  19. Hilary R says

    I love the Graffiti Love Hearts By David Arquette & Courteney Cox and also the underwater case.

  20. Nikki Wilson says

    I woudl like the underwater accessories to personalize mine. There area also several charity covers that I like too.

  21. says

    Plain is good! My husband and I would never be able to choose because we are so different! I would love to be able to take this with us easily, and be able to record on the fly. My daughter LOVES to watch herself, so this would be very handy!

  22. Maggie Wallenslager says

    I would just want to get a tripod for it, it make it easier to have a steady video

  23. Traci C says

    I follow you on Facebook!

    I love that you can support a charity with the Flip For Good Designgs. Very cool designs PLUS you are helping to make a difference. Love it! 🙂

    PS: This looks like the perfect video camera for parents of young children who seem to stop their ‘cuteness’ the minute you grab the full-size camcorder.

    I’m following Flip on Facebook now, too. So exciting!!!

  24. Michelle F says

    I’d get the underwater case because then who cares if it rains at soccer games or it gets wet at the pool? LOL!

  25. Beverly Koonce says

    I use one of these in my classroom and for school events…but I would LOVE to have my very own. I don’t even need any special features but the underwater feature is pretty cool.

  26. Christina Z says

    If I had a flip video to personalize I would do the graffiti hearts because some of the proceeds go to help a great cause!!

  27. My2Kids says

    I think that it is so cool that you can buy a water cover case for the flip! I would def. get one for my flip! It would be nice to not have to worry about it getting wet, and I could take it under water!

  28. says

    I would take videos of my daughter. We already have a camcorder, but it can be a pain to tote around in the diaper bag or purse. A Flip camera is small enough and it wouldn’t get in the way!

  29. Wendy D says

    the flip site is undergoing maintenance but a case or personalized photo on the flip would be great

  30. Janice says

    Although the site is undergoing maintenance, I would still use pics of my kids to personalize it.

  31. Colleen D. says

    I’m confused. The flip offered is not custom designable but the one offered has a cool underwater case! Thanks. I follow you on Facebook. Thanks. I just liked Flip on Facebook.

  32. Bethany M says

    The site is under maintenance, so I couldn’t see the names, but I would like the very colorful one with flowers.

  33. Katherine S. says

    I would personalize mine with a picture of my daughter. Thanks. Katherine Barber-Spillman

  34. Linda Bartlett says

    I follow on Fb and e-mail! I would love to video my 7 yr old son who builds with Legos and make really cool creations! He wants me to video him as he builds! I would also video tape my 11 yr old son who is now in middle school and going to be involved in clubs-especially robotics-love to tape his robot!!Thank you!

  35. MMcKenna says

    I would take some of my girls art or let them design something on the site. That way it’s truly personal, one of a kind! Not that they don’t LOVE videos of themselves PLENTY already!!! 😉

  36. jessica p says

    I love the idea that i can put my daughters picture on it but my favorite is the underwater case TOALLLY AWESOME!!!!

  37. Jennifer Armstrong says

    I need this camera so bad! We do not have a video recorder and would love one!!

  38. Vickie Heydenreich says

    I would film my daughters graduation from high school at the end of the school year!!!

  39. Jen says

    I would use this in my 3rd grade classroom – quick and convenient – that’s what I need to keep my little ones on task!

  40. Stephanie Crisp says

    I think I would upload my own image. We have a recent Father’s Day photo that I love. There would be no mistaken who it belonged to.

  41. Harmony says

    I like the pattern generator or how you can use your own image to personalize – would LOVE to have one of these!

  42. michelle faber says

    I would love to take video of my girls and put a pic of them on the camera to make it special

  43. elizabeth marino says

    I would love to have the underwater case with the camera to record my girls swimming! They would think that was totally awesome!

  44. Sunnie says

    The underwater case is cool, sometimes I let my daughter take pictures and I wouldnt have to worry at all.

  45. Lynn says

    I would use the camera to take pictures of my great neice. Their camera just broke and I thought this would be a nice gift to capture the memories of the new addition. I follow you on FB and twitter.

  46. Amanda says

    I am a pretty simple person and would go with something classic – but then would find a spiffy new purse in which to stylishly carry it 🙂

  47. Heather Browne says

    What a neat camcorder. I would put a picture of my 2 daughters on the front. What a fun and fabulous giveaway…hope to win this one!!!

  48. Christine Bonds says

    I think I would personalize mine with a picture of one of my daughters drawings. They are so cute and funny.

  49. Sherri says

    I would definitely purchase the underwater case for it so I could shoot some cool shots of my dogs jumping in the pool . This would be so exciting! I am a flipping for a flip! Good luck everyone!

  50. Angela Domville says

    I would definitely get the underwater case so we could take it to the pool and not worry about it getting wet!

  51. Debra Louden says

    I’d definitely do the waterproof thing. While I like the yellow smiley face, I’m a pretty plain and simple kind of person, so I think I’d just leave it black.

  52. Kathy Plant says

    Wow, it’s a toss up. I love the design gallery and pattern generator, but how could I not put my kids pictures on it too?! What to do?! I follow you on fb and by email. Thanks for all of your help!

  53. Julie Blackman says

    I would design mine with the “lashy” theme and also get the underwater case for all of our summer swimming adventures!

  54. Tonia L. says

    I like the Hello Kitty Graffiti Black or the Kitty Kitty patterns. Or I would design my own with a pic of one of my kitties that past last year. I have a lot of things with her pic on it.

  55. kristie shipley says

    I would love to put a picture of my two kids and neice on the Flip! I think that is the neatest idea….Right after the bringing awareness and raising money for important causes by personalizing the FLIP. Thanks PPM, I read and follow you faithfully.

  56. says

    I would customize it by either some cute graphics, beach them to remind me of vacations, watermelon to remind me of summer or pics of my children.. the themes are endless… thanx

  57. Becky says

    I would personalize my Flip on the pattern generator with pink, purple and green flowers and butterflies!


    Would love this for first day of kindergarden, first day of preschool, and first steps. This is what my three babies are getting ready for.

  59. Brianne C. says

    I would love to put a picture of my son on one! I would also buy an underwater case for one. I love that they are small enough to take anywhere easliy.

  60. Jennifer LF says

    I love the underwater case. I think that would be really nice to get some pictures under water.

  61. Caroline says

    you can’t personalize the hd with pics on the outside can you? I guess i’d get a case to personalize it.

  62. Jenny says

    I’m kind of a simple gal… no bling… but I would get a waterproof case to capture all our fun times on the lake this (and next) summer!

  63. Jill says

    Honestly, I would probably rather have the black or chrome plain ones, but if I had to choose a design, I would choose the ladybug limbo.

  64. Christine B says

    I would use the use your own image option. I’d put a pic of my daughter on it – if it ever got lost and found I would prove it’s mine.

  65. Laura says

    My daughter is a FISH, I would love the underwater case toi film her and her tricks in the pool.

  66. Kimberly Russell says

    Not sure you can put a design on the Flip Ultra HD….but if so I like the flower ones.

  67. Vickie says

    I like the fact that I can put my own family picture on this camers, so a picture of the new grandbaby is the way I would go!

  68. Meghan McGee Catagnus says

    I would pick the “in Memory off” design. Cancer runs in our family – we have had all kinds. Most recently lost a cousin at the age of 40 at the beginning of July to Brain cancer. She never went anywhere with out her camera to take pictures of everything. She left behind a 3 year old son and husband.

  69. Julie says

    Wow – so many choices I wouldn’t be able to decide. Good thing the giveaway is chrome or black.

  70. Amber says

    The choices are kind of overwhelming and silly. If I weren’t going to do the chrome or black, I think I’d use the pattern generator to create something subtle.

  71. HOLLY MCCLAIN says

    I follow penny pinching mom and flip on facebook, I love that it sounds so easy to upload video to my computer. hollydupreemcclain on facebook.

  72. Michelle Carter says

    I love that you can upload your own photo but I would do something fun in the pattern generator.

  73. Frances MacDonald says

    Would LOVE to win the flip ultra video – like that you can capture videos with ease (I need that!) I am following you on flip on facebook – not a twitter convert as of yet…. working on that.

  74. Crystal O. says

    I would personalize it by uploading photo of my children then using it to capture all their fun and precious moments.

  75. Haley says

    I’m always trying to capture the moment! Kids grow way to fast and memories are special. With 4 kids, I’d use this daily!!!

  76. Christi says

    My parents are moving to NC and it would be wonderful to be able to video my kids at all their activities that they will now be missing. Plus the ease of use is amazing!

  77. Rocio H. says

    I would customize mine by buying the underwater case so I could take video while snorkeling.

  78. Adrienne S. says

    i like the custom image personalization… i would get some of my hubby’s artwork placed on it.

  79. Stephanie Wade says

    I’d like to play around with using your own photo! That looks like fun and definitely a way for no mix ups to happen if there are two at an event!

  80. says

    I would love to be able to capture my fav kids moments on this. Being so light is a major plus… anything that doesn’t weight down the diaper bag any more is a bonus. Also, the option to email videos would be a favorite. Then I could share special moments with out of town family rather than just trying to explain it in an email they could see it for themselves. : D

  81. Lazman says

    I did some research on these and Flip is at the top for it’s price range! Would love to win one of these!!

  82. Jen T says

    I’d go to the Design Gallery and probably pick Tribal Dualism. It’s designed, but nothing too girly or masculine, so both myself and my husband would feel comfortable using it.

  83. Joyce says

    I would definitely customize it with a personal photo. It would be so much fun to have a Flip! Thanks!

  84. Becky Black says

    I would personalize my flip by adding a picture of my kiddos… that way I would always know which one was mine! (if my friends are lucky enough to get one too).

  85. Stephanie G says

    I would personalize using the upload your own photo option and use a picture of our family on the camera

  86. Donna says

    The personalized with pink or purple look really cool… but I also could use a picture of my kids to personalize to.. This looks so cool… Thanks. I follow you on FB..

  87. Joanne says

    I would personalize it with a picture of my girls. I would love to be able to capture their every day with this to cherish for the future.

  88. StacyH says

    Wow – I didn’t realize you could customize!!! I would use a photo of my kids – how cool would that be?!

  89. Tiffiny says

    I follow Penny PinchinMom and Flip on FB……oh it would be sooooo great to win this camera! I would personalize it with a picture of my 3 kids! I have 2 girls and a boy!

  90. Linda says

    We looked at the My girls chose Designs – Best Seller – Flag of the USA. The reason they chose the Flag of the USA was to support their family that’s in the armed forces. I thought that was very sweet of them to think of the armed forces. My girls are 8 & 9 years old.
    I follow penny pinchin mom on fb!

  91. Kristen M. says

    If given the chance, I’d like to use one of the “Stand Up to Cancer” Flips as my best friend’s dad very recently succumbed to this horrible disease.

  92. Monica says

    I would personalize it with the words ” Bella and Jake- DO NOT TOUCH” (those are my kids-they love to break everything)!

  93. susan says

    I would like just a plain one but I do think it is neat that you can put your own image on the front.

  94. Eliza Klinger says

    I would personalize my Flip with the beach ball design because we have so many great family memories spent at the beach

  95. says

    I would love to win this. With my husband being deployed, I’m sure he would love to have some videos’ of the kids! And since I’d initially be using it to record my sons football games, I think the football design would be ideal!

  96. Penny Honodel says

    I would love to customize mine with Swirling Colors !!! Maybe fall colors… 😛
    Yes it a good plan… !!! ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
    I helped a friend win a political campaign with one of these that he had bought his daughter… 😀 I would really like to own one of my own.. so I can film my kids and really fun stuff like that … but I am still on the campaign trail so yah never know… I could use mine to win campaign # 2 !!! 😀 Pick Meee…. Pick Meee….

  97. Michele J says

    I love the Make a Difference Flip for Good: Feeding America
    Graffiti Love Hearts
    By David Arquette & Courteney Cox
    By David Arquette & Courteney Cox

  98. Cynthia Hamm says

    I like Defying Gravity by Wicked because it supports bullying prevention in schools. I am a fan of Flip and PP Mom on FB.

  99. Jodi Hill says

    I would get the underwater case! We are getting a pool put in next year and that would be so neat!!!!

  100. Angie Simmonds says

    I am a minimalist so I like them plain & sleek looking. But adding a family graphic might be fun!

  101. mommyoftwoinmo says

    This camera would be incrediable as I am always dropping and breaking my camera. I would definately buy a very cool skin and then to have the water feature for summertimes by the pool would be amazing.