*CLOSED* Back To School Giveaway: Goodbyn Lunchbox (4 Winners)

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Ready for another giveaway?  We’re kicking off today’s with these fun Goodbyn LunchboxesThey are very sturdy and have lots of great features including

* Built in Handle – for ease in carrying
* Top Container – perfect for leftovers or fruits – even a banana!
* Botton Container – fits sandwich halves, bagels, chips, cereal…the list is endless
* Side Container – perfect for veggies, dips, crackers, berries and mroe
* 8.5 oz bottle –  no more need for juice boxes

And the best part of all (according to my 5 year old) — STICKERS!!!!  She had had the time of her life decorating her box!  She used up nearly her entire package of stickers (of which you will get 3 rolls).  But, it is hers and there is no way it can get confused with any other child’s box!

Right now, Penny Pinchin’ Mom readers can get a discount on thier boxes! Use the code bonanza and you will save $6.00 off of your order, plus get shipping for just $10.00.  Head on over to Goodbyn to order one for your kids.

On to the good stuff — the prize!!  We are giving 4 readers their own Goodbyn lunchbox — and you’ll get to select your color choice.  Entry is simple — you must leave a comment answering the question below.  You can earn up to 2 bonus entries as well — for a total of 3 entries for this prize.


1.  Visit Goodbyn and leave a comment on this site telling us which color lunchbox you would choose if you won.  Remember that there is not any entry screen on their website.


2.  Follow Penny Pinchin’ Mom on a reader, daily e-mail digest or on Facebook.

3.  Follow Goodbyn on Facebook–  please leave a comment and include your Facebook name

This giveaway is part of the Back to School Giveaway Bonanza that has 12 bloggers providing our readers several chances to win some wonderful prizes. You can easily increase your odds of winning by stopping by each of these blogs and completing the required and/or bonus entry question….so be sure to check back several times each day to see if there is a new giveaway posted for you to enter — making sure to stop by ALL of the blogs so you can have multiple chances to win some amazing prizes:

This contest will remain open for 5 days – until Sunday, August 15th. At that time, comments will be closed and a winner will be chosen. The winner will be notified within 7 – 14 days to confirm shipping address and details …..Good luck!

Penny Pinchin’ Mom recieved a lunchbox for review.  The opinions contained within this post are her own and were not influenced by any items received from Goodbyn.  For terms and conditions of this giveaway, go here.


  1. Annette says

    And I love the Goodbyn!!! Would LOVE the Blue! I have a green and orange one (from the first generation of Goodbyns!)

  2. Heather V says

    I love these… Just discovered the website yesterday. My daughter would like the “too cool for ears” slate color.

  3. Jessica Taylor says

    I love the beautiful plum! That is such an earth friendly way to pay your kid’s lunch. I might even have to buy an extra just for my husband too! Bye bye sandwich bags!

  4. Cara Woodring says

    I want the Original Goodbyn in Green, because that is my little man’s favorite color.

  5. Kara says

    My son would love a blue one and the stickers he would go crazy with them. His would be a one of a kind. 🙂 LOL

  6. Stacey Mclean says

    Definitely the pink for my daughter, Stella! I would love to win! Great Giveaway!

  7. Fabiola Justice says

    I would choose from the super fun Goodbyn Lunchboxes, the pink for my sweet girl or green for my handsome first grader 😉

  8. Tracy Simons says

    Purple, hands down. DD’s favorite color right now is purple thus making this a no brainer choice lol

  9. Jessica P says

    I love the plum color but my duaghter will want pink….. everything is pink!! What a super cute deisgn and idea to make lunch fun.

  10. Kelly Peters says

    My kids favorite colors are blue & green, so I would have to choose one of those colors!

  11. Karen L. says

    These are so cute! If I win I would love the green one…and I will have to buy another one for my second child! Great idea!>>>>Facebook & email following

  12. Karen L. says

    I would love the green one…and I will have to buy another one for my second child! Facebook & email following

  13. Ronell says

    I have been wanting one of these! My son is starting preschool this year so I will be starting the whole pack lunch process! I love the slate colored one. Thank you!

  14. gerri flint says

    pink is my fave i follow via face book and email i love these prizes now if i could win one i love saving money am known as the coupon queen in my area and to my family thye know if they need anything to come here and i will help them from my stockpiles . i love making jewerly and selling it that supports my shoping with coupons so i can stockpile

  15. April West says

    I think we would get either the blue or the black without ears. These are just too cool!

  16. marla says

    Lovin the blue one. its’s so hard to get my son to eat anything (we’re new to GF), I think he would look forward to lunch with that AWESOME lunchbox. Only 1 problem, I wish they would have had that when I was in school!!
    btw you have a new fb fan!


    My daughters just picked theirs out and they want. 2 want pink and one wants Blue!! love kids:)

  18. marla smigura says

    I just found you and I think I’m in love. I’m always lookin for a deal and you make it easy. Thanks! Lovin the blue one. its’s so hard to get my son to eat anything (we’re new to GF), I think he would look forward to lunch with that AWESOME lunchbox. Only 1 problem, I wish they would have had that when I was in school!!
    btw you have a new fb fan.

  19. Kimberly Woodard says

    My son was looking over my shoulder and said “Oh Mom I want 1 of those.” He liked the blue one.

  20. Michelle says

    My kids are color coded and my blue kid is the one who starts school this year, so I guess we would want blue! My green kid has a few years to wait before he needs a lunchbox, although, these are pretty cool!

  21. Melissa Runyon says

    These lunch boxes look awesome! My little boy just started Pre-K and this would be great! The Charcoal one would be my pick! I was out lunchbox shopping and my husband says to me where are the plastic ones with the matching thermos? I was like really honey they haven’t made those since we were in elementary school. Keep in mind we have been graduated high school for 11 years now. I looked them up on ebay out of curiosity and they were listed as vintage plastic lunch boxes! How funny I guess we are vintage and we’re only 28 and 29 yrs old! Oh well, it gave me a laugh! Anyways so my husband would love one of these for our son because his original plan was to make it look cool with racing stickers. =)

  22. Jayme says

    My 2 year old pointed out the green box. I already Follow Penny Pinchin’ Mom on Facebook and I followed Goodbyn on Facebook and Twitter! We left comments-Jayme Thorpe is my Facebook name.

  23. Lori says

    My kids said (in order) “I like the pink one!” “I like the blue one!” “I like the green one!” So I guess we’d have to choose the orange one??

  24. Angie says

    We would choose the pink one for my princess, but would also buy the black, blue, and green for my princes!

  25. Tori Whiting says

    It’s a toss up…one boy likes the original in blue, the other likes too cool in slate.

  26. Shannon Driscoll Stout says

    My daughter’s favorite color is yellow, but since they don’t have that color, I guess we’d go with the pink. They are cute and would save a lot of money on juiceboxes and baggies/containers!

  27. Jennifer Roach says

    I looked at Goodbyn’s website and would LOVE the green one! We are always looking for ways to be less wasteful!! Thank you!

  28. Jennifer Roach says

    I “like” Goodbyn on facebook! I would like the green one!! My facebook name is Jennifer Shepherd Roach.

  29. Jennifer Roach says

    I “like” Penny Pinchin Mom on facebook! I would like the green one!! My facebook name is Jennifer Shepherd Roach.

  30. Susan Zimmermann says

    My “all-too-grown-up” 9 year old would like BLACK. (However her sweet little kindergarten brother would like blue)

  31. courtney says

    I thought at first green thinking then each child could use it, but then I thought – naww… I would choose a pink one for my daughter and then get an additional blue one for my son. Plum is also pretty… so maybe I would let her choose:) Very awesome idea in this lunch “bag”! thanks for sharing:)

  32. Jennifer I says

    I am a facebook fan of yours, in fact I asked you about these same things about a week ago for my daughter

  33. Tessa says

    Love the Plum but would probably choose a more gender neutral color so both kiddos could use it.

  34. briannon morris says

    we would like the plum colored lunch box. That is her favorite color and the color of her cheer team!!

  35. Megan says

    Green for my son, pink for my daughter, purple for my other daughter, blue for Momma, oh the choices. Actually pretty sure my kiddos would not be picky- would definitely love the stickers on ANY color 🙂

  36. Amanda Parkins says

    Pink is what it would have to be….why not everything else has to be pink at our house these days!!

  37. Cassandra says

    I would get the pink for my 6 y/o and the slete for my 11 y/o. These are some neat lunch boxes.

  38. Michelle H says

    How cute are these??!! I don’t know which one I would choose….green would work great for my little boy, but of course would have to get pink for my little girl!! =)

  39. Tiffiny says

    I follow “LIKE” PennyPinchinMom and GOODBYN on FB. Would love to win one….this would make lunches sooo much easier! My FB name is Tiff Palm

  40. Karen says

    I follow you on Facebook… I asked my 4yr old son which color he liked the best and he couldnt decide between the blue or the green…lol.. so either one would work!!

  41. Rachel says

    I’ll be getting a green, blue, and a pink one. Just have to see if I win one before I buy:)

  42. Penny Honodel says

    This is sooo… Freakin Cool !!! Yes, I am a Mom from the eighties… so the language has stuck with me…. 😀

  43. Natalie Jordan says

    Either orange or blue – since those are my son’s favorite colors! Probably orange.

  44. Jen Perkins says

    It’s gotta be the plum. These are such innovative lunch boxes. They never had stuff like this when I was a kid.

  45. Cynthia Hamm says

    Too many cool colors to choose from…probably slate, green or orange. I am a Goodbyn and PP Mom fan on FB.

  46. Mary Aic