*CLOSED* Back to School Giveaway: Kind Snacks

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The next fabulous giveaway for the Back To School Giveaway Bonanza is a yummy one thanks to Kind Snacks!

Here’s what Kind has to say about their awesome products:

At KIND we craft delicious, healthful foods from wholesome all-natural ingredients you can see and pronounce.® We believe that food should never be processed to the point that you can no longer tell what it is! That’s why we use whole nuts and fruit, and bind them together with honey through a natural process that keeps them fresh, brings out their flavor, and achieves just the right amount of crunch 


What I love about these snacks, is that they are PERFECT for after school treats.  The kids get a yummy snack and they dont’ even know that it is good for them!  Shhhhhh — it’ll be our little secret!

I am also excited to share a great even that is coming up this weekend!  The Great Kindness Challenge will take place on Saturday, August the 14th. Kids For Peace started the Great Kindness Challenge in order to help make the world a kinder, more compassionate place.   I mentioned this previously on my Facebook page for everyone, but I wanted to be sure that you didn’t forget about it!

If you have a child this would be a great opportunity to be a good example to them, and urge them to do a kind act for the Great Kindness Challenge. If you’d like some ideas you can go check out the Great Kindness Challenge Checklist here.

In partnership with the Great Kindness Challenge Kind Snacks is offering a great prize.  They are giving one of my readers $100.00 worth of Kind Snacks.  As usual, entry is simple — one required and up to two bonus entries!


1.  Share in the comments what “Kind” act you’d like to do for the Great Kindness Challenge on August the 14th.


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3. Follow the Great Kindness Challenge and KIND Snacks on Facebook.

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  1. Heather Chandler says

    We will deliver Meals on Wheels, donate toys, and clean up the river near our campsite.

  2. molly says

    We’d like to make a lightboard toy. Our son is autistic and loves light switches, so my husband is working on a lap board with different switches and lights to turn on so we can “play” together (instead of it being isolatory). If it works, we want to make one for the local autism center, his preschool, and the other major preschool that helps ASD kids in the area. They looove light switches LOL.

  3. says

    We are going to create our own kind deed. We are a Military family and we are going to put together several care packages to send to new Privates at Basic Training in Ft. Lenord Wood, Missouri. These Soldiers do not have any family or friends that send them letters.

  4. Rachel b says

    I’m going to pick up trash in the neighborhood, send cards to military men and women, and my kids agreed to donate some of their toys! I follow penny pinching mom, GKC, and KIND on fb!

  5. Karen L. says

    I am going to get All American Meals (McDonald’s $1.99 for a hamburger/fries/coke) for the homeless guys downtown…

    I ‘like’ kind healthy snacks on FB and Follow you via FB and email!!

  6. says

    I’m going to go with the say “good morning” to 5 people. And I won’t count the people I typically say good morning to.

  7. Sarah says

    I know this isn’t much, but I like to leave coupons for people at the grocery store. I also like to let people go ahead of me in line.

  8. Nikki Wilson says

    I buy an extra meal when going through the drive thru to pass along to one of the many homeless people in our area.

  9. Maggie Wallenslager says

    i’d like to just be kind to myself. i’m very hard on myself all the time.

  10. Jen from philly says

    I would like to donate some of my food stockpile to a local charity for the elderly who are shut-ins

  11. angela says

    My kids and I will definately be donating items to charity and taking stuff to recycle as well!!!

  12. Michele & Sydney says

    My daughter and I will buy a few extra backpacks and stuff them with school supplies for the neighborhood children who can’t afford to buy them 🙂

  13. Katherine M says

    That’s the day the kids and I are dropping off the school supplies we’ve been stocking up on to give away.

  14. Lyra Schroeder says

    Have my daughter calls my husband’s parents (they live in South Africa) so it’s super special!

  15. Lynda H. says

    Just cleaned out debris at my parents’ house. They are 80 and put up new trellis around their pool and had to bury their dog of 18 or so years while we were there. I follow you on facebook.

  16. says

    Thanks for sharing info about the Great Kindness Challenge – I’ll be doing a Random Act of Kindness on Saturday … my favorite way to spread cheer. 🙂

  17. Kim says

    I would like to find somewhere near my house to donate food/clothing and other supplies that I have accumulated.

  18. Rachel G. says

    For the Great Kindness Challenge I plan on donating quite a few products I’ve been able to score to my local teen shelter.

  19. Teresa F says

    The kids and I are going to go thru their rooms and find toys and clothes to donate. Thank you.

  20. Amanda Billingsley says

    Glad to see that my son already does most of those without even thinking. Makes me a proud momma! I’ll ask him to go through is clothes and toys and we’ll take it to the donation center.

  21. DWC says

    donate school supplies to local schools for kids who can’t afford to buy their own, but don’t belong to a formal “program” for “needy kids” (man I hate that term, but can’t think of another one!).

  22. Jill O says

    The kids and I are going to sit down with the list they have on their website and pick 5 things to do. I am going to guide them towards donating some of their toys! 🙂

  23. nicole says

    we will definitely read a book to a younger child and we work hard everyday on showing respect and kindness to elders by letting them go first on the bus, opening the doors for them, etc. however i think that their suggestion of smiling to a homeless person might be a little off. here in manhattan that might result in getting accosted by that person.

  24. Anna says

    My 7 kids and I will be picking up trash at the neighborhood park, and each of them will be picking their own from the checklist todo as well.

  25. Laurie says

    There are so many on here that I’m going to try to do, but my favorite is donating supplies to school kids. You really don’t understand how much something as basic as this helps until you see the benefits of it first hand.

  26. Rene Larson says

    We will share smiles, send a card to a military friend, call our grandparents and donate a toy on August 14th

  27. Jessie C. says

    Follow the Great Kindness Challenge and KIND Snacks on Facebook.@tcarolinep JessieKatie S

  28. Tracy Simons says

    Since I will be back in MI this weekend participating on the Crew for the Michigan Susan G Komen for the Cure 3 Day Walk taking care of walkers and fellow crew and staff, I will volunteer my child to “make a wish for a child in another country”. She has been very into wishing on stars since The Princess and the Frog, so we can put her fettish to good use, lol!

  29. Heidi says

    I like the challenge of writing a card to a military family as they sacrifice SO much for our freedoms.

  30. sarah says

    For the kindness challenge, we are going to use the proceeds from my daughter’s summer lemonade stand to buy supplies for an orphanage in Haiti.

  31. Lindsay says

    Last night I took dinner to my neighbor who just had a baby. I have three more friends expecting, and I can’t wait to make them some food and help them as much as I can!

  32. kim jenkins says

    i will help with our local humane society cleaning and send some food donations into our local food banks

  33. Rebekah F. says

    I’d like to help out military families. I also plan on donating to some shelters/food pantries in our area.

  34. Laura Forgione says

    I would love to make lunch for the homeless people one day, that would be a very kind and rewarding job for me.

  35. Christine Bonds says

    I would love to buy extra carnival tickets and hand them out to random kiddos at the festival near us.

  36. Heather C. says

    I would like to take a sack or two of groceries to a family in need. Hopefully leave them on the doorstep so they dont know who dropped them off!!

  37. Heather C. says

    I already follow the Great Kindness Challenge and KIND Snacks on Facebook. (Heather Commet)

  38. says

    The GKC is such an awesome idea. I printed out the checklist and think I will have the kids work on it until we do all of them.
    We are going through toys this week to take to Children’s Mercy. The kids have tons of stuffed animals and it will be nice to give them to a good place- where we have known kids who have been there and loved them.

  39. Stephanie M says

    I would like to cook a big meal for my friend and give her some me time because she is left alone to care for her 4 kids while her husband is serving out country in Afgahnistan.

  40. says

    There was a less fortunate family from our church that is pregnant, and a few of my buddies and I got together and put together an entire nursery as a surprise!

  41. Colleen says

    I would donate some of the food I stockpile using sales and coupons to a local food bank.

  42. Shannon Driscoll Stout says

    That’s a really cool list! What a great idea! I think I’d like to “write a happy message with sidewalk chalk” along with happy faces and hearts, like others on the list stated. This is something I can do with my family as we talk about the list and other opportunities for kindness.

  43. says

    I think it would be great if I took the kids to help our elderly neighbor out. We could work in her yard or help her do her grocery shopping.

  44. Harmony says

    Love the list of Kind things to do Aug 14! We are planning to donate used toys and clothes and you have inspired us to do it!

  45. Julie Rogers says

    I would like to bring my kids to our local assisted living home to read to the residents for the 14th!

  46. debbie says

    I have printed the the challenges sheet for my children and am going to challenge them to do as many as they can!

  47. Stephanie Wade says

    I’m going to help my mom out with whatever she needs that day since I’m here visiting her!

  48. Jen Cochran says

    I have a friend who is going through a rough time. I think I’d make dinner for her family.

  49. Sarah Ulfers says

    I plan on painting at an elderly friends house so that she can move into it from a home that has black mold in it.

  50. Eliza Klinger says

    A kind act i would to do is play with my kids more often. A family that plays together, stays together. Also be more patient and always give them tons of kisses and hugs

  51. Maggie M. says

    We will be taking personal items and supplies to the local Woman’s Shelter, to teach my children there is a greater purpose- to help those in need!
    Thank you!
    Maggie M.

    • caroline says

      A friend did this once and the guy ended up being a construction worker getting food for like 20 ppl.

  52. Crystal says

    i will be helping out an elderly family member by spending time with her and bringing my 3 yr old son over to spend time and play with her.

  53. Suzanne says

    We’re putting together the backpacks with school supplies we got for the local school.

  54. Emily Davis says

    the daycare kids are going to write thank you notes for their postal carriers tomorrow to put in the mail on saturday, and then we’re going to make a happy chalk drawing at the end of our driveway.

  55. briannon morris says

    For my kind act..I would like to get my daughter involved. I would like her to find some toys she doesnt play with much and have do a kind act…give them to children who do not have toys liek she does.

  56. Stephanie says

    I’d like to volunteer at a school supply give-away event! I’d also like to donate school supplies to kids/schools who need them.

  57. Lea says

    We donate food to the local food pantry and explain to our kids that not everyone can afford food.

  58. Renee Hollowell says

    I shall continue to pick up trash in my neighborhood, donate food and clothing, open doors, and praise my children.

  59. Megan says

    My kiddos are small, so maybe coloring cards and taking to nursing home / shut ins or for the military. I’ll have to do some brain storming

  60. Emily says

    I would like to be more generous with my time in serving others and spending more time with my grandparents.

  61. Valerie says

    Donate toys and outgrown children’s clothing. We are in the process of cleaning out closets and will try to finish by tomorrow 8/14.

  62. Deena says

    I am going to donate toys and clothes! I am also going to have my boys visit their great grandma to brighten her spirits!

  63. Laurie B says

    We prepare meals for Aid for Friends which is local agency which feeds those in need in our area. Thank you!

  64. Donna says

    My act of kindness would be that I donate school supplies to our church for unfortunate children in the area… also at the school my kids donate supplies to their own classmates. We love good healthy snacks… =)

  65. Tiffiny says

    I follow PennyPinchinMom, KIND Snacks and the Great Kindness Challenge on FB. On the 14th I have a neighbor who is a single Mom of 2 girls, they have to move and will need the help.

  66. Laurie says

    For my kind act, I will have my son donate all the toys and clothes he no longer uses….

  67. Kelly B says

    My children and I are going to participate in the Kindness Challenge, our checklist is: Compliment 3 people, donate a toy, & hold the door open for someone.

  68. Cynthia Barber says

    We have cleaned out our toy room, cleaned many good toys up, and plan to donate them tomorrow.

  69. Jennifer Allen says

    we are donating 20 backpacks and school supplies to children that would otherwise not get them.

  70. Kristine says

    I love the Great Kindness Challenge list! I printed it out for my son and I to work on. I would like to write a happy message in sidewalk chalk. How fun!

  71. Jennifer P says

    My kids will recycle cause as my youngest daughter says, “We are saving Mother Earth”.

  72. Anna C. says

    I took several snacks to a police officer, filled a cooler full of drinks for him, and took him and my girls by the store for a treat after coming home from work. He is at work now and I will be making him dinner.

    I also plan to complient 5 people today!

  73. Stacey Morgan says

    I help my kids to make “Kindness Koupons” and give them to the grandparents to cash in at their leisure.

  74. Jennifer Mably says

    I purchase school supplies for my students that are not able to provide their own. I actually purchase them for the entire class, so the ones who really need it, won’t be singled out.

  75. Rachelle says

    I frequently donate soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrushes to the woman’s shelter. They are always in need of these items.

  76. Christin says

    I would give hugs out to people at work who look like they need a smile. My kids would smile when I give them these snacks too! 🙂