*CLOSED* Back to School Giveaway: Office Max Backpack with School Supplies ($100 val)

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The next giveaway is just in time for Back to School thanks to Office Max! Office Max is a great place to shop for all your school supplies. They have a huge selection as well as great prices. One of my favorite things about Office Max is the Maxperks Rewards program in which you can get rewards back for spending at Office Max.

Office Max has a everything you need for Back To School including a huge selection of Backpacks! Thanks to Office Max one of you will win a Backpack full of Awesome Back to School Supplies ($100 value)!  Entry is simple – just answer the one required question below.  You can get 2 bonus entries by doing the required tasks listed – for a total of 3 entries per person.


1. Visit the Office Max Back To School Page and check out all the resources they have there for you. They have supply lists all ready to go. Come back here & tell me which list you’d use. Note that there is NOT any way to enter on the Office Max website.


2. Follow Penny Pinchin’ Mom on a reader, daily e-mail digest or on Facebook.

3. Follow Office Max on Facebook . Be sure to come back here & leave a comment letting me know you’ve done so.

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This contest will remain open for 5 days – until August 17th. At that time, comments will be closed and a winner will be chosen. The winner will be notified within 7 – 14 days to confirm shipping address. Good luck!

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  1. Renata says

    I already subscribe to your email digest. I love getting the first dibs on great freebies, sales, etc!!

  2. Shannon says

    I would need to shop the Kindergarten through 5th grade list! So, I need crayons, pencils, wide ruled paper and construction paper.

  3. Crystal says

    i could or woulds use the k-5th for my son, or the college student for myself because i just enrolled, or the teachers corner to help my son with learning!

  4. Lynda H. says

    I would use the Middle to High School list since I have two in the category and one nearing that.

  5. Lisa Hodnett says

    I am so torn, I will chose Middle School but I have kids in both middle and elementary school!

  6. Anna says

    I would use either the Kindergarten or College supply list. Out of my 7 daughters, I have one going into K and one to college!

  7. Heather Young says

    I would need to use the kind-5th grade list… because i have 3 step kids.. grades 2, 3 & 4.. whatta a year to buy school supplies this has been! 🙂

  8. Dana Smith says

    I’d use the Grade 1-5 list if we had an Office Max, but the store closed last year…

  9. Meghan McGee Catagnus says

    I would probably pick the teachers list. Our daughter goes to Catholic school which is not state funded. So we try to help out each year by donating stuff to the classroom she is in.

  10. Anna says

    the kindergarten list would be my choice- i’ll start stocking up for when my little one goes to school!

  11. Jackie says

    I’ll be using the Middle School Through High School List. Thanks!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  12. Jessica Webb says

    I have to get for the K-5th and the MS-HS…….it’s going to be an expensive year so this would be fantastic!

  13. Amber says

    I bought a pack of school supplies from the PTO so I didn’t have to deal with figuring their very exact requests. So…I’d probably use the teacher’s list for stuff for my DH (a high school teacher) or for DS’s teacher.

  14. Brittany says

    I still need Kindergarten list items, and I’m sure there is still stuff on the college list my husband could use for med school.

  15. Marie says

    In my dream world I would get everything on the Teacher’s Corner list and the K-5 list! I teach 2nd grade at a low-income school and we do not send home school supplies lists to families because they can’t afford it. So who buys all the supplies for 20 kids for the whole year?…ME!

  16. Crystal O. says

    I will be using the kindergarten through fifth grade list for my son’s back to school shopping.

  17. Stephanie Wade says

    We’re all done with our shopping actually! And we used the list supplied by the district. But the K-5 would match for my daughter the 3rd grader!

  18. Joyanne says

    I have 2 daughters who are 2nd and 5th grade as well as an 8th grade daughter so I would refer to the lists provided by OfficeMax for Middle School level kids and 1-5th grade levels. Thanks for asking!

  19. amy enochs says

    I am mostly done with the school shopping, I do still need to get the kleenex and cleaning supplies they have to have. I don’t know yet if I need any special things for my schooling…

  20. Laura Forgione says

    I am a follower of your on Facebook and I love your website. You have saved me lots of money. Thank you

  21. Stephanie Farley says

    In our house, we would use the high school list. How we made it there in a blink of an eye, I have no idea.

  22. Brianne C. says

    I would love to win for my son. The grades 1’st-5’th would be the best for him. He is going to be in the 1’st grade, and this would help out tremendously. We have most of his supplies already, but I know several children that could benefit from this giveaway in a huge way. 🙂

  23. Gloria Mcculloch Stewart says


  24. Heather Chandler says

    The Teacher’s List looks great- and it can be split between my family and another that homeschool. -Thank you!

  25. Jen T says

    My two little ones are too young for school, but I’m a full-time college student and winning for myself for the college student list would help me out immensely. That would be less money I have to spend oop for my school, and more money I could use to stock-up for clothing for the girls, take them to the museum, and sign them up for the baby/toddler classes in our area (I just think it would be fun, and a great opportunity for them to play with other kids!).

  26. nikki E says

    I need the middleschool list (5th grade.) I need EVERYTHING still – I think the only thing I have purchased so far is a ruler.

  27. says

    From the Teachers’ Section on their Back to School Page I could use some sheet protectors and a portable hard drive

  28. Amber Evans says

    I would use all lists as I have children in each category and I homeschool so I would us the teacher list too

  29. Jill O says

    I would need the K-5, Middle school, and teacher lists. (WOW, I can’t believe I have a middle schooler this year!)

  30. Eliza Klinger says

    We need the kindergarten, 3rd grade list as well as the Teacher’s corners for my husband who is a 4th grade teacher. We haven’t shopped yet, but we sure need pencils, glue, markers, paint etc

  31. Jennifer LF says

    We would need to use the 3rd grade list. I only have 1 child so it makes it a little easier..

  32. Cheryl says

    We need to use the kindergarten list; luckily I am almost done; still need a backpack though

  33. Cynthia Barber says

    We would use the High School List with TWO teenagers in the house. The three elementary students have made their selections already:)!

  34. TANESHA E. says


  35. says

    I would love to get the back to school kit! my son is starting middle school and would love to get some new stuff to use!

  36. silvia o says

    I would use the 2nd grade, 4th grade and the 6th grade list and I would also need supplies for my son in pre- school!!!!

  37. Betsy says

    I would use the middle school list and donate it to our local school who is in need of supplies!

  38. Melanie McKellar says

    I have been a follower of you since the KC penny pinchin days and I also just started following Office max

  39. judi says

    we could use the college list followed by the middle school and the 1-5 list… yeah we have a wide range in this house!

  40. Sarah says

    I would use the teacher list — both my husband and I are in school to get our Masters degree in teaching.

  41. Amanda says

    we would use the elementary list – my daughter is going into 1st and the list is pretty close to her actual list

  42. Susan says

    I follow Penny Pinch’ Mom on FB and via e-mail. I follow Office Max via FB. I would need the High School supplies list as advertised. Appears to have everything my daughter needs to start the year right.

  43. Kim P says

    I would use the Middle School list, but I am mostly done for my son…
    so I would use the Teacher list.

  44. Karina says

    I don’t use a regular list for back to school shopping because we homeschool. We tend to focus more on curriculum than folders or binders, although we need those too.

  45. Lisa Carpenter says

    I would love to get some zipper pencil bags that go in a 3 ring binder, and then I could finally organize my coupons to have a coupon notebook.

  46. Beth says

    I would do the teacher’s list… this is our first year homeschooling and I could use just about everything on that list!

  47. Leslie F. says

    I would do the teachers list. There’s a lot of stuff we could use at home and at school!

  48. Shirley Mills says

    I Like on facebook,And would love to win the Kindergarden-5th and middle school..Thanx..

  49. Amanda says

    We have our stuff already but always buy & donate extras to the school for those in need. This would go above & beyond what I could do and that would ROCK!!

  50. Cheri Marie says

    I would use the High School lists for my kiddos and the College student list for myself since this is my 1st year back to school in 15 years!! lol

  51. Shannon Driscoll Stout says

    My daughter is in preschool, so none of the lists truly apply. I think I’d do a give-and-take from the teacher’s list (so I can help my daughter learn at home) and the kindergarten list.

  52. Rachelle says

    I have one son is middle school, one in High school, and one in college! I am also in college….so we need everything!

  53. Christin says

    I would use the K-5 list. I shop at office max for school supplies for my classroom also. They have great back to school deals!

  54. Megan says

    I’d use the K-5th grade for my 1st grader. Although the list has way more things than he has to provide…luckily! 🙂

  55. Christina Z says

    Wow awesome giveaway I would use the list for grades 1-5 because I have a 9 year old going into 4th grade and the junior high list because my son is going into jr high

  56. Caroline says

    i’d prob use the teacher one.. but I have neices, a nephew, a sister, and mom from 1st grade- college so I could give any supplies I couldn’t use to them.

  57. Kelly Lack says

    Well, I have to use both the Kindergarten – 5th for my 1st grader and the Middle School – High School for my 7th and 8th graders. I follow on FB too!

  58. Bethany DiLullo says

    Since my little guy starts K and my big guy starts 2nd grade, Kindergarten through 5th grade —

  59. Kristen says

    I follow you and Office Max on facebook. I have a little girl starting Kindergarden and a neice who is starting her freshman year, Plus I am starting school in september this would come in super handy for us.

  60. Claudia says

    i have now add u and office max to facebook and i have add u to feed burner and i would use the college list!!!!!

  61. Jena Donofrio says

    I would use the middle through high school list..some things that caught my eye were the tissue (teacher needs this), hand sanitizer, my daughter overuses this! and the expo markers, they disappear out of my home back to school shopping drawer waaay too fast:)