* UPDATE* Best Buy: Select DS Games $3 Shipped

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*UPDATE:  So, between the time I shared this earlier today and the time this posted, the deal changed.  Some of these low priced games are no longer being offered under free shipping.  Instead, they can be picked up in the store.  Sorry about the confusion (and hate when things like this happen to all of you).

Today, you can get free shipping on select items through Best Buy.  One thing I noticed was in the video games.  They have some titles priced at just $3!!   The thing is that you have to go through this link to activate free shipping and then you can search through the various options below to find the deals that work for you.   Some of the DS games I noticed included:

  • A Christmas Carol for $2.99
  • Fashion Week Jr Designer for $2.99
  • Suzuki Riding Bikes II  for $2.99

There are many items you can find right now, and with free shipping, it makes the deal even better!!


  1. Heath says

    I tried to get the DS games. It said it couldn’t be shipped. And it was unavailable everytime I clicked on a store for store delivery. (I tried about 10 different stores). Bummer!