*UPDATED* Bird’s Eye $3/1 Family Size Meal

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UPDATE:  It appears that this value is slowly decreasing in value.  It was $3/1 and dropped to $2/1 and now is only $1/1. 

Here’s a high value coupon for $3/1 Bird’s Eye Family Size Meal.  These will go fast, so print it while they are available!

Thanks, Coupon Pro!


  1. JEnni says

    This is the first time I’ve come across this coupon and it said I wasn’t aloud to print because I already did ? Darn.

    • Tracie says

      You might try using FF or IE (whichever you are not using) and see if that works. Sometimes there are browser hang ups….or just keep refreshing and trying again.

  2. Melissa says

    It isn’t allowing any to print. It is saying I have already printed the amount allowed. I haven’t printed any of these yet. hmmmmm…

    • Jenifer H says

      It did that for me as well, but I kept retrying and after about 3 tries I as able to print 2. You might want to try that. Good Luck!

  3. Sheri says

    It was originally for $3 (got one) and then dropped down to $2 (got one of those too).

    • Tracie says

      They seem to be decreasing in value as they run out of prints. I know of several who did get the $3/1 and even some received $2/1