Birds Eye: Spin For A Coupon (up to $3/1)

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Head over to the Bird’s Eye Facebook page and like them.  Then, select the Bird’s Eye Voila Coupon link and try your hand at spinning to win.  You will get a coupon good for either $1/1, $2/1 or possibly even $3/1 Bird’s Eye Voila coupon.  Keep in mind that if you print your coupon you won’t be able to spin again.  So, if you get $1/1, you can try your luck again by spinning again.

Thanks, Addicted to Savings!


  1. Lisa S. says

    Must have a lot of people playing, because the page is coming up blank. I’ll try again later. Thanks!

  2. rebecca says

    they posted about 10 mins ago that they are making some changes to their coupon and will be relaunching it…. whatever that means. hopefully the $3/1 wills till be available

  3. Ray says

    I just tried it and after “liking” the page, I got a message that said, “Now that you’ve gotten your coupon.”

    Except, um, I never got a coupon…

  4. nancy says

    i was able to print all three cpns the 3.00 , the 2.00, and the 1.00 i spun untill i got the 3.00 one first , then i tried the others and it let me get all three x 2