Blackberry Playbook for $199.99

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Have you been holding out for a deal on a tablet?  Office Depot has the Blackberry Playbook 16GB for only $199.99 right now!  The original price of this one is $499.99 – so you can save $300!  You can’t order it online right now, but you might be able to find it at a store near you.  Just click “Check Stock & Location’ and see if you can find one close to where you live!


  1. Christina Anderson says

    Just a warning. I went to Office Depot last week. They said a lot of people have been returning those because they are not working. They had a big pile of them to send back to the company. The manager said she wasn’t surprised that they were not told to pull the tags off the shelf. I just don’t want someone to spend the money and they stop working. The store in Liberty pulled the actual product off the shelf.