Buy Costumes: Great Deals + Free Shipping

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If your kids have not already been sharing their ideas for Halloween costumes, they probably will very soon!  It is time to start looking for a deal to turn your favorite kids into superheroes, villains….or whatever is in those little brains!

One site you will want to check out right now is BuyCustomes.   The first thing you will want to do is click on the “Sign up for the newsletter and save 15% off of your first order” link at the top of the page.   It will take a little time for the first newsletter to arrive (it is not instant).  When it comes, you will have a code that you can use to knock 15% off!

You can find several costumes on sale right now, which will pair nicely with this coupon code to save you even more.  When it comes to those prices, they guarantee the lowest price.  If, within 14 days after you buy, you find a the same costume priced lower, you can get the difference back + 10%!  That is what I call a pretty good guarantee.

Of course, Shoprunner members get the added bonus of NO SHIPPING CHARGES!!  Yep – they are a part of the Shoprunner network to get you free shipping and returns!  You can learn more about Shoprunner here!

Head on over to Buy Costumes and start shopping while they have items in stock!!