Carbonite On-Line Back Up Free (Plus Get 2 Months Free With Paid Subscription)

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About a year ago, the hard drive went out on my computer.  Unforutnately, I didn’t have everything backed up on an external drive (but thankfully had most items backed up onto our main computer).  I had the drive replaced and was in the process of searching for a back up service when BAM — the new one went out too!  It was so frustrating!!

If you have ever had this happen to you, then you understand the importance of backing up your files. You can do an external harddrive and back up your files daily/weekly or how ever frequently you’d like to.  However, another option (and the one I prefer) is an offsite storage company — such as Carbonite.  In seeing the recent disasters I know that if my house was destroyed — so would all of the data/photos and important information that might be on my computer and even external drive.  By keeping my files backed up at a location away from my home, my files are always available to me.

Many worry about the security of your information, which I did as well.  These sites use encrypted software to ensure that your data is safe – no matter what is backed up.  That made me feel good knowing my information would not only be available should I need it – it was also secure.

One site you might want to check out is Carbonite.  You can try them for free right now.  Then, if you decide to purchase a subscription, they will toss in 2 free months as well – just use the code EASY at checkout and you’ll get 12 months for the price of 10!  What have you got to lose — except your files!!