Chance for Free Milk For a Year and/or Coupon for Free Milk

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Did you happen to catch Good Morning America today?  If not, you will have a chance to win free milk for a year!  They are going to give 120 families a coupon booklet filled with coupons for free milk!

Even if you aren’t one of the 120 who win, if you ARE amongst the first 100,000 to enter you can get free coupons for milk that would include:

  • Free half gallon of chocolate milk (with purchase of white gallon)
  • Free white milk gallon (with $100 grocery purchase)
  • Free half gallon of chocolate milk (with purchase of two white gallons)
  • Free single serve (with purchase of white gallon or half gallon)

You will need to either text WIN to 38488 or head here to enter for your chance!   Hurry so that you don’t miss out on this one!

Thanks, Eeendeavors!


  1. Christy Ammel says

    I first tried the link in Firefox and it took me to a blank page. So I tried it in IE and the page displayed. But it wouldn’t let me submit the form when I tried to register.

  2. Stephanie Wade says

    Yep it didn’t work for me either. I even went to the GMA page and tried to go from there and their link goes to a blank page too. So, I went and found my cell and just texted, lol. Thanks!!

    • Stephanie Wade says

      Yeah, texting didn’t work out either. I had to reply a bunch of times with info, and then I got a “something went wrong, please try again tomorrow” response. So, guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

  3. Heather says

    Ok I was able to summit and it said I was not an instant winner! But said to check my email for a coupon.

  4. nicole says

    I forgot that I had an account from last year so after I filled out the form it told me to login. When I did that it said only one entry per day and try again tomorrow.

  5. Erica says

    I just now did it, and while i wasn’t an instant winner, I did get a coupon for a free gallon with a $100 grocery purchase. I wonder if they’ll let you combine receipts to get to the $100. I haven’t had one that high in quite some time. LOL, I love the coupons!