Charmin 2 Ply Toilet Paper – 18 Rolls For $1.07 Per Roll

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Amazon has a nice deal on Charmin 2 ply toilet paper right now when you use Subscribe & Save.  You can actually get 18 rolls fora  total of $19.36 shipped, which makes it just $1.07 per roll. 

Now, for those of you who like to see your “price per sheet”, there are 372 sheets on one roll, so this deal is $0.03 per sheet — for 2 ply toilet paper.   I normally pay no more than $0.015 – $0.025 per sheet for single ply (in case you aren’t sure how to measure if you are paying too much). 

Here’s how to work this offer:

  1. Head to Amazon and you will see the product pictured above come up.
  2. Scroll down and you will see this image — click on it to add a $0.25 off coupon to your order:
  3. Then, in the side bar, you will see Subscribe & Save.  Click any of these options and you will instantly knock another 15% off of your purchase, dropping the price to just $19.36 total.  Here is my order summary.
  4. Shipping is free because of Subscribe & Save!  (I used my Swagbucks cards to pay for mine, so my total due is zero).

Then, once your order ships, you can easily cancel your next shipment before you get charged.  To do that follow these steps:

  1. Log into Your Account.
  2. Under Orders – click on Manage Subscribe & Save
  3. Uncheck the box for this item and your order will be canceled

UPDATE:  If you would rather have the 1 ply, you can get a great deal on Cottonelle Aloe & E right now too — also by using Subscribe & Save.  It is $23.88 for 48 rolls, but Subscribe & Save will get the price down to $20.30 — or $0.42 per roll ($0.016 per sheet).  This is a nice quality paper as well – in case you are looking for another option!  Thanks Frugal Coupon Living!!