Charmin Toilet Tissue: As low as $0.48 per Roll

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Everytime I turn around it seems we are running out of toilet paper.  I swear that a troll lives under my sink and comes out at night and eats it or something!  That means I am always on the hunt for good deals.  I was able to find a pretty good deal on Charmin  Ultra Soft today on Amazon.  You can pick up 40 double rolls (comes in 10 – 4 packs) for only $19.11 shipped – which makes it just $0.48 per roll (or really $0.24 per roll since these are double rolls). 

To get the offer, you will want to follow these steps:

  1. Head here to find this product on Amazon.
  2. Scroll down and click on the CLIP THIS COUPON button so you can save $0.25 on your purchase.
  3. In the blue window, select subscribe & save so you can pay $19.36 (before coupon).
  4. When you check out, your total will be $19.11 shipped.

Once your order ships, just log into your account and click on manage my subscribe & save and then cancel the auto shipment of theh item. 

When checkint out on line deals, I always keep in mind the cost of gas to drive to and from the store plus my time to go and pick up the items I need.  Plus, where I live, I do not pay sale tax on Amazon, so that can save me some money as well.  These are definitely things to keep in mind with the rising cost of fuel these days.


  1. Julianna Duncan says

    do not see “clip this coupon.” where on the screen is it located?

    • Elise T. says

      It’s underneath the desciption to the right of the picture. Not far down the page. 🙂

      • Julianna Duncan says

        the only thing I see is a discount for “Subscribe & Save,” and I personally don’t want to do that. Is that what you were referring to?
        Or am I supposed to be using Amazon Prime to get this deal?

        • Elise T. says

          There is an additional 25 cent off coupon under: 4 New for $22.xx. Then, yes, do Subscribe and Save. It will ask you to choose delivery every 1,2,3 or 6 months. Select any of those, and place your order. Then, log in and go to “Manage my Subsciptions” if you aren’t automatically redirected to this page. Cancel the subscription after that.

  2. Elise T. says

    FABULOUS!!! Any deals on Amazon for Paper Towels???? I go through those like crazy in my house …

  3. Julianna Duncan says

    Found the coupon! It wouldn’t show up because I apparently wasn’t logged in! Thanks for your help!

  4. Crystal Stone says

    I also know that if I got to Wal-Mart to buy toilet paper I will come out with at least 1 thing I didn’t plan on buying. I can’t seem to help myself! With Amazon I only buy what I need!

  5. Ali Allison says

    I just ordered mine!! I didn’t find the coupon but it is still a great deal!! Thank you Tracie!!!

    • Tracie says

      it is in the product description — a little below the center of the screen. Scroll down a bit and you will see a small button that says clip coupon.

  6. Stacie says

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am alway looking for a deal on charmin and they are hard to find.